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8.3 Your blood transports
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8.3 Your blood transports

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Blood transports everything your body need 
              (heat, nutrients, oxygen, waste products)
Blood contains:
- blood plasma (Proteins- fibrinogen for clotting blood,
         water,                    carbon dioxide
         oxygen                  waste products

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Red blood cells
small round discs, 
no nucleus
red pigment: haemoglobin absorb and release oxygen

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white blood cells
do not have a fixed shape
do have a nucleus
destroy pathogens


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fragments of cells that have broken up
- Clotting when the blood is outside the vessels
Trombosis- clottering of blood in the vessel

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Blood circulation

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Pulmonary circulation
(absorb 02 / release CO2)
Pulmonary circulation
Right side heart
Left side heart

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systemic circulation
Release O2 to every living cell (respiration)
absorb CO2

Left side heart
- every organ
right side heart

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Resperatory system and Circulatory system

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Blood vessels (these return in 8.4)
3 types of blood vessels
artery, capillary, vein

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From heart to organs
(red) transport O2
walls are: 
    - thick, firm, elastic
High blood pressure 

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Release O2 into organs
Absorb Co2 into bloodstream

- one cell layer tick walls
- white bloodcells can go between the cells into the tissue

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Transport CO2 from organs to the heart
- low bloodpressure
       thinner, less elastic
Includes valves
- The blood can flow in 1 direction

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The heart

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the heart is part of the systemic circulation.
It needs O2 (respiration) the coronary arteries provide O2 to the heart. 
The coronary veins brings CO2 back to the heart

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the heart 

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coronary artery, capillaries, coronary vein

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pulmonary circulation /septum,  / systemic circulation

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Cardiac cycle - 70 times a minute= heart rate 

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