Learning Technique: And now... you are the storyteller

And now...
... you are the storyteller
And now... 
you're the storyteller
Learning Technique
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What is it?
"Imagine that this painting is the center of a remarkable story. What would be the beginning of that story? And what about the end?"

Through storytelling, students can immerse themselves in the subject, creating recognizable connections with the study material. This teaching method can be as intricate as desired, but one rule applies to all variations: there must be a beginning, middle, and end. In this exercise, students are given the middle part of the story, in the form of a single image, as a fixed element.

The students will now come up with the beginning and the end of the story of which the image is the central part. This can be done in pairs, with one student narrating the beginning of the story and the other the end. Alternatively, it can also be done in small groups.
The story that the students come up with will not be solely about the image itself but rather about the characters they see in the image. What is their fictional or non-fictional story? In the example, the story is not just about Johannes Vermeer's painting but about the life of the 'milkmaid' herself. The knowledge about the Golden Age, which the students have acquired during the previous lessons, will then be incorporated into this story.

How can you use it?
This storytelling method can be implemented at any stage of the lesson or topic you are currently working on. It is a perfect way to activate prior knowledge - as sometimes too much knowledge can lead to biased stories - or to conclude a chapter. Another fun idea is to include this format as an assignment in assessments.

This approach works exceptionally well with social studies and English lessons, but it can also be very effective in mentor classes. For modern foreign languages, it can be used to enhance speaking skills.

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And now...
... you are the storyteller
And now... 
you're the storyteller
Learning Technique

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Imagine that this picture is at the centre of a special story... 

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What happens...
... at the 
...and at the end?

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Enkele Amsterdamse vrouwen zagen dat er een schip vol aardappelen in een van de grachten lag. Ze gingen erop af en plunderden het schip: hun schorten vol aardappelen. De dag erna waren er meer plunderaars. Pas nadat zes mensen door het leger werden doodgeschoten, keerde de rust terug

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