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Lesson 3: Speaking
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Lesson 3: Speaking

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  • What did we talk about last time?
  • New : Lesson 3
  • Learn about cardinal numbers and ordinal numbers
  • Learn about telling time

Lesson goal: learning how to use numbers, also in dates and telling time

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Telling time

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In het NL: één, twee, drie, vier etc.

Geven aan hoeveel er van iets is.
Bijv. koekjes: vier koekjes in de trommel.
Four cookies in the jar!

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In het NL: eerste, tweede, derde, vierde etc.

Geven aan op welke plek in de rij iets is.
Bijv: ik ben 3e geworden met schaatsen!
I came in third when skating!

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Probeer maar!
Exercise 2A, page 61: pair work
Work together. One picks a number between 0-100. Neighbour tries to guess. First one says higher or lower until the number is guessed. Play until each has guessed three numbers.

Then B: same, but with ordinal numbers.

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Probeer maar!
Write down your birthday on the board! Take turns!
Your name first ofcourse...

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page 13, exercise 4
And Read blog on page 13

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