Microbits - Lesson 2

Microbits - Lesson 2
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Microbits - Lesson 2

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Where might we find 'Code' ?

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KO: To be-able to explain why Microbits are useful in programming.
- To be-able to demonstrate knowledge of what microbits are used for.

- To be-able to identify the different coding constructs that are used within microbits.

- To be-able to use block based programming to create complex programs.

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Procedural Programming
Procedural programming is where each line of code is executed one after another. For example, Python, Scratch, Microbits  (Make Code Editor).

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What is a 'Microbit'?

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What can we do with a 'Microbit'?

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Clapping to activate your Microbit
Click here

This program lights you Microbit up when you clap!

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Teleporting Duck
Using the below code, can you send a duck to each other?

What do you think the 'Radio Set Group' number does?
What happens if you change the number?

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Sending a smile
Click here

This program allow you to send a smile to someone else!

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Flappy Bird Game 
Click here

This is a slight step-up in complexity!

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What is a feature that the microbit does not have?
LED lights

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Where can we use a 'Microbit'?

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