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What is a city?

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What is a city
1. Certain number of inhabitants 
2. Densily built
3. A large number of facilities (shop, work, hospital, school)
4. A working population works almost exclusivly in the secundary and tertiary sector*

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Capital city
This city has more than 10 million inhabitants
Important for a large part of the world
Most important city in a country
Rio de Janeiro
New York

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Hoofdstuk 3: Steden
7 Nederland: land zonder een echt grote stad
§2.2 The spread of metropolises

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Cities in rich countries 
- Several large cities
- Cities are connected-> Urban network

USA and the Netherlands 

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Cities in poor countries
- One megacity
- Megacity is much larger and important than the second city -> Primate city

Lagos (Nigeria)

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What determines
the location of cities?

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Location cities
1. Absolute location -> flat, fertile areas; at junctions of trade routes, along rivers, on the coast or at the location of raw materials
2. Relative location -> Good connections to other cities/countries
3. Past -> Cities settled in the kolonian time are mosly along the coast 

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Degree of urbanisation
Urbanisation rate
Percentage of population living in the city
The annual growth, in percentage, in degree of urabnisation
Movement from rural areas to urban areas

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In which countries is the degree of urbanisation the highest?

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In which countries is the urbanisation rate the highest?
LEDC (poor countries)
HEDC (rich countries)

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For what reasons do many
people move to the city?

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Read 2.2
Do 2.2 Ex. 1, 2, 3ab, 6 en 7

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