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One day a rabbit walked into the butcher's shop and asked the butcher, 'Do you have any carrots?'
The butcher replied, 'No, I'm sorry, sir, but this is a butchers' shop. We don't sell vegetables in here. Go to the greengrocer at the other end of the street. I'm sure he's got some carrots.'
The rabbit thanked the butcher and left the shop.

The next day the rabbit went into the butcher's shop again.
'Good morning! I'd like a lettuce and some carrots, please.'
'Look, I'm sorry, sir! I told you yesterday - we don't sell any vegetables in here, only meat.'
    'OK, I see,' said the rabbit and left the shop.


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On the third day, the rabbit walked into the shop again and said,
'Hello, could you give me some carrots and a cabbage, please?'
This time the butcher was very angry.
'I told you yesterday and the day before. We don't sell any vegetables in here. No carrots, no lettuce, no cabbage and no onions. Do you understand? The next time you come in here and ask for vegetables, I'm going to take a hammer and I'm going to nail your ears to the floor!'

The next day, the rabbit was in the butcher's shop again.
'Good morning!' he said. 'Do you have any nails?'
'No,' said the butcher, 'I don't have any nails.'
'Do you have a hammer?' asked the rabbit.
'No, I don't,' the butcher replied.
'Good,' said the rabbit, 'Then can I have some carrots, please?'

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Think of something!
(Others should find out...)

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Translate the following sentences!

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Táncoltál már az Instantban?

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Apám barátjának a munkája fodrász. A férfiak tudnak hajat vágni? Mit gondolsz?

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Mielőtt János megette a szendvicset, elment a Fideszre szavazni.

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Kivel táncoltál tegnap a kocsmában?

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