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EnglishSpecial Education

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Present Perfect

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Fill in the missing verbs in the appropriate verbs.

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Emma ________ in an office. Earlier, she __________ in a
kindergarten, but when she _______ young, she
_____________ in a shoe shop. While she _____________ at
university, her brother ______________ special scuptures
from wood. Emma _________________ in the mentioned
office for 4 years, and she really ________ it. Possibly she
___________ there until her pensioner years.

will work
has been working
was making
was learning
had worked
is working

Slide 4 - Drag question

Translate the following sentences!

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Miközben vártam rád, Elek hívott engem.

Slide 6 - Open question

Ettem, hazamentem, megnéztem egy filmet, később pedig lefeküdtem aludni.

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Ágival 2011 előtt találkoztunk, és most úgy döntöttünk, hogy jövőre összeházasodunk.

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Csilla úgy vezet, mint a nagymamám.

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Mielőtt vettem egy lámát, volt egy kacsacsőrű emlősöm is.

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Bőven van időm, kész leszek estig a feladattal.

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Főznöm kell valamit, vagy megver a férjem.

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Van egy nagy házam Gyömrőn.

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Futok a parkban, Edit otthon van.

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Két órája angolt tanulok a szobámban.

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Kifizetted a számlát?

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Soha nem ettem kacsát.

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Donald Trump egy nagyon okos ember és ő az USA elnöke is.

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Ettem az ebédem mialatt Fruzsi főzött.

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Van néhány virág Tamás kertjében.

Slide 20 - Open question

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Decide if the following statements are true or false based on the video. You can watch the video twice.

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  1. You can find the American flag everywhere in the country. T/F
  2. There are 8 flags placed on the Moon. T/F
  3. All together 13 people landed on the Moon with Apollo 11. T/F
  4. The largest salt water reserve of the world is Lake Superior in the USA. T/F
  5. The Wright flyer is in the Metropolitan Museum of Art. T/F
  6. The most popular museum on the world is the Louvre in Paris. T/F
  7. The most popular drink in the USA is the soda. T/F
  8. Tweets are archived in the Library of the Congress since 2006. T/F
  9. The Hollywood sign was built in 1923. T/F
  10. Originally the Hollywood sign was longer. T/F
  11. Americans spent more than 9 million dollars on Halloween in 2008. T/F
  12. The Empire State Building is the highest building in the country. T/F
  13. The Statue of Liberty was a gift from France. T/F
  14. The Statue of Liberty changed its colour. T/F

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Complete the following sentences!

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Before I came to the lesson, I ____

Slide 26 - Open question

On the weekends I usually ______.

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When I was a kid I ________.

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While I was driving to work last time, I _______

Slide 29 - Open question

Next week I will _______.

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I have never ______.

Slide 31 - Open question

I have been _______.

Slide 32 - Open question

In the past I often ______.

Slide 33 - Open question

  • Any questions according to the learnt material?
  • Anything that you want to practise?
  • Anything that you want me to explain again?
Before the final test:

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