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16 Personalities
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16 Personalities

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Which personality matches you?

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Key Objectives
All: Gain self-awareness and insight into your strengths, weaknesses, preferences, and tendencies.
Most: Use the information you've learned from these insights to recognise what you may be good at in your future career.
Some: Understand others and how different types of people are important to creating a complete team.

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What jobs might suit a Protagonist?

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What jobs might suit a Logician?

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Take the Quiz!
Open the quiz here

Remember: There are no bad results!

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Did your result match your guess?

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What do your letter codes mean?
Example code: INTP-A

I E - Introvert Extrovert
S N - Sensor Intuiter
T F - Thinker Feeler
P J - Perciever Judger
-A -T - Assertive Turbulent

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Open Microsoft Word
Open the personality types page, here
Select your personality type and read the page.
Find in the page, then write into your Word file:
  • A famous person or character you like with the same personality type as you.
  • 5 positive sentences (something you like or agree with).
  • 5 negative sentences(something you don't like or disagree with)
  • One sentence about a career on the page you think you'd enjoy.
  • One sentence about a career on the page you think you wouldn't like.
  • EXT: Write a more in-depth paragraph about the things you like about the career and famous person. Add in a breakdown of your personality type's code and what it means to you.

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Scenario: You're hiring a new team of five Software Developers.
What personality type(s) would you prefer to build this team from?

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It Takes Allsorts to Make a World
A mix of personality types in a team fosters a dynamic, inclusive, and resilient organizational culture that drives innovation, collaboration, and success.

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