Micro teaching HvA - Literature: Moraliteit

Micro-teaching: Morality
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Micro-teaching: Morality

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1KGT class                               18 pupils                                        9 girls/9 boys

A1-level                                     Familiar with T.G.P.                    Mostly method lessons

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Learners' needs
- Want to learn how to speak the language (on holiday or online in games)

- Great dislike towards texts  

- Texts are considered long and boring 

- Films and series are preferred 

- Niveau 1: Belevend lezen (Witte's level of understanding). Short texts!

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Content aim and outcomes
The content aim for this lesson is that pupils learn to reflect on their own moral actions.

§ The outcome of this lesson is that pupils will compare and reflect on their answers given at the start and end of the lesson on a moral dilemma.

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Language aim and outcomes
The language aim for this lesson is for pupils to learn to follow and comprehend spoken dialogue without the use of subtitles or a written script"

§ The outcome of this lesson is that pupils will answer the questions related to the series ‘the good place’ without the use of subtitles. 

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Start: Lesson about morality

- Explain todays' planning + aims and outcome

- Word web           'What do you think morality is?' 

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- Review answers on word web and explanation on what morality is

- Answer 3 moral dilemmas

- Activate prior knowledge of the serie 'The good place'

- Discuss pre/during/post questions on 'The good place'

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- Watch 'The good place' trolley problem scene

- Answer questions on the worksheet

- Discuss answers on the content of the scene -> C4U ;-)

- Watch 'the good place' scene again, pupils think of what choice they would have made if there were Chidi

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- Back to the lessonup. Answer questions with moral dilemmas and random check on why the choice was made.

- Answer the same moral dilemma as Chidi (Trolley problem)

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End of the lesson
- Answer the same three moral dilemma questions as at the start of the lesson. 

- Compare these to earlier answers (what did you learn from this?)

- Ask pupils opinion on the lesson

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Feedback questions
- Ideas on different activities.
- Ideas on how to teach this lesson to lower level students

- Any other feedback points are always welcome!

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A. Een persoon
B vijf volwassenen

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Welke optie kies jij?
A. de ene persoon of B. vijf volwassenen dood?
A. De ene persoon
B. Volwassenen

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A. familielid/geliefde
B. 5 volwassenen 

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Welke optie kies jij?
A. de ene persoon of B. vijf volwassenen dood?
A. Een familielid/geliefde
B. Vijf volwassenen

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Zou je baby Hitler doden?

Slide 17 - Poll

Is kwaadaardigheid aangeboren of aangeleerd?

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Waar of niet waar?
Als je iemand dood ben je een moordenaar.
Niet waar

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Vind je dat alle nazi's gestraft moesten worden?
Niet waar

Slide 20 - Poll

Zou je een baby doden?

Slide 21 - Poll