Chapter 1

English Class
Ms. Hissink
31 years old
Sport injury
favourite country: Scotland

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EngelsMiddelbare schoolvmbo tLeerjaar 3

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English Class
Ms. Hissink
31 years old
Sport injury
favourite country: Scotland

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Lesson plan 1 - Start of the year
 - (10 min.) Introduction and classroom rules
 - (15 min) Introduction English year 3
Tests overview
What dio you need?
First period expectations
 - (10 min) Personal goals writing assignment
- (30 min) Theme watching assignments

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Lesson plan 1 - Classroom Rules
Mijn lessen zijn een plek om Engels te kunnen leren.
- Laat je telefoon in je kluisje.
- Als ik praat, zijn jullie stil (dan kan iedereen mij verstaan)
- Als jij iets wilt zeggen, steek dan je vinger op
- Houd rekening met elkaar (luister naar elkaar, zorg dat jij en je klasgenoten kunnen leren (in rust en groepswerk)
- Je hebt je spullen bij je (boek, laptop, schrift, oplader en pen)
- Je maakt je huiswerk (Planning / SOM)

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Classroom Rules: speaking
When we discuss an English activity/assignment/topic, we speak English 
When I talk to you in English, I expect you to answer in English

When I talk to you in Dutch, you can answer in Dutch.
When I explain English grammar

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Lesson plan 1 - What to bring?
- Workbook (need it for class and studying)
- Notebook
- Laptop (online book, extra assignments in Teams and planner)
- Pen / pencil / marker

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Test overview

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(My) Planner

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Planner Goals period 1

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Personal Goals Assignment
1. What’s the grade you ended with in year 2? Are you happy with this grade? .
2. What parts of subject English are you good at?
3. What do you think is difficult about English?
4. What do you want to learn this year?

5. How do you feel about the exam tests this year? 
6. What do you want to do after the Waldheim?
7. What do you want help with from me?

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Chapter 1 (page 32-33 + 36)
Talking about yourself and others: Image or Identity

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When you post a great post about yourself on instagram

Slide 11 - Poll

Your favourite music is part of

Slide 12 - Poll

When you choose an avatar picture for your profile

Slide 13 - Poll

Page 36
Read exercise 6a,b,c

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Slide 15 - Video

Page 37
Work on exercise 7, 8

Bekijk de woordenlijst en zet een kruisje voor elk woord wat je kent.

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Speaking Assignment 9
Talk for 2 minutes about the picture
- describe what you see + assignment book

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Study Materials
Vocabulary page 72

- Tick the boxes if you already know a word
- write down 5 words your want to know next class in your notebook (English Word)

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Class 2
notebook mini test

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