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Your portfolio assignment book 1
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Your portfolio assignment book 1

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Goals of this lesson
At the end of this lesson you :

you have an idea of what to do once you have read your book
you understand why you are going to read and have discovered some of the benefits of reading
you know how and where to read
getting to know your author

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Have you started reading your book?
haven't started reading yet
just barely started
have not got a book yet

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Why is reading books good for you?

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Scientifically proven benefits of reading books
  • Reading strengthens your brain
  • Reading helps you to focus
  • Reading builds your vocabulary
  • Readings helps to reduce stress
  • Reading may help you live longer

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How are you feeling about having to read a book in English?

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What is a challenge for you when you have to read in English?

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Good book checklist:
  • You like the topic of the book
  • The book is not too difficult

If your book doesn't check both of these requirements, consider getting a different book.
                                            You can change books

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book report
  • general information
  • explain the title
  • summary
  • characters
  • opinion 
use the report of the english classroom!!!!

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Where and how to read

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What do you think
is a good reading

Slide 13 - Mind map

Reading setting
  • Go offline, put your electronics away
  • Set a timer
  • Create a quiet comfortable setting
  • make a plan 
  • 3 times a week / choose fixed days

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First things first.
Write the title and author of the book you've picked

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Upload a picture of the writer and/or one of his/her books here, please.

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Find information assignment
Find information about the authors. On an English site, so your information should be in English!!! 

Write down at least 3 interesting facts about the writer.  For example: Where does he/she live, what did he/she study, a list of the books he/she has written, or other funny facts. 

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