controversial debates 2

controversial debates 2
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controversial debates 2

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Let's warm up...
(did you do your homework?)

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What did they do well?
What went not so well?

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Tips to Improve Fluency
  • Think aloud
  • Start speaking, then think about what you are going to say
  • Fill silence
  • Send the turn back
  • Use words from your language, then explain them
  • Use vague language

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Start speaking....then think
  • In my limited experience....
  • Off the top of my head...
  • The first thing that springs to mind....
  • From my point of view....

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Fill the silence
  • uuuhm...
  • eeer....
  • That's a difficult/unusual/interesting question...

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Send the turn Back
  • I'm not sure what....means
  • Do you mean.....?
  • Just to double you mean...?
  • Can you give me an example of what you mean?

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Use words from your language/explain
  • I don't know how to say in English....and then explain

  • There is an expression in my language.....

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Use Vague language
  • I suppose...
  • you could say....
  • thing.....stuff.... thingy.....whatsit.....whats-his-name

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Photo Discussions
Photos: see next slide

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Blame?  Why?  Who?  Effect on ...animals/humanity?
Any more questions that could be asked?

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Name one 'filler' that
you used in the discussion

Slide 14 - Mind map

Order of Debate

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Would you rather have the ability to see 10 minutes into the future or 150 years into the future?

Would you rather have telekinesis (the ability to move things with your mind) or telepathy (the ability to read minds)?

Would you rather be in jail for five years or be in a coma for a decade?

Would you rather never be able to go out during the day or never be able to go out at night?

Would you rather have your dream job and be unable to retire in 50 years or have a terrible job but get to retire in 10 years?

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