Recap Present Perfect vs Past Simple + Modals

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Lesson Goals
At the end of the lesson you know:
How to make a present perfect
When to use a present perfect
When to use the present simple

How to use the different modals

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Past Simple or Present Perfect:
Peter ____ (play) football yesterday

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Past Simple or Present Perfect:
Last year we ____ (go) to Italy.

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Past Simple or Present Perfect:
They ____ (wash) the car. It looks new again.

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Past Simple or Present Perfect:
I'm sorry, but I ____ (forget) my homework.

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Past Simple or Present Perfect:
I ____ (work) here for more than a year.

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Modal Verbs
kunnen, moeten en mogen

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Welke modals zijn er?
1. can & be able to

2. Could 

2. should, have to, must

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Can & Be able to
Can: used to talk about possibility and ability, requests, ask for or give permission.

to be able to: only used to talk about ability 

Can you call me back later?
Are you able to meet me tomorrow?

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Could is past tense of can
but also a more formal/polite way to ask questions.
you can also use it when something is likely to happen in the future but not certain.

I could hold my breath much longer when I was younger.
Could you show me where it hurts?
We could  walk a mile every day, if we feel like it.

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Must, have to, should
1. Should (not) used to give advice, suggestions, say something is the right thing to do.
2. must (not) an action needs to be done (obligation), must for when the need comes from the speaker.
3. has to / have to need or obligation comes from someone else like a doctor.

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1) _______ you swim when you were 10?

Slide 18 - Open question

He ______ arrive at the party on time, even after missing the train, so he was very pleased.

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She's seven years old, but she _____
read yet. Her parents are getting her extra lessons.

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You ______ do it, it's in the rules

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My advice would be that you ____ see a doctor.

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I _____ really look at my finances today, it is high time I update them.

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Teachers ____ be given a fair salary for their work.

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Hieronder staan een paar linkjes met opdrachten over de present perfect vs past simple en de modals voor extra oefening.

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