2.10 Christianity and the end of the Roman Empire - Q -

The Time of Greeks and Romans
2.10 Christianity and the end of the Roman Empire

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The Time of Greeks and Romans
2.10 Christianity and the end of the Roman Empire


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1. What sources do Christians use for the life and teachings of Jesus?

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2. Before the Roman Empire was Christianised, it had its own state religion. This religion was very different from Christianity. Mention two religious differences between Christianity and the religion of the Roman Empire.

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3. What did the Romans think Jesus meant to do?
What was their reaction?

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4.a. What is a different word for people that are not Jewish?

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4b. Why is the leader of the Roman Catholic Church also the bishop of Rome?

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4c. Explain how Saint Peter’s decision to allow gentile people to become Christian helped Christianity to grow from a small cult into a general religion.

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5. Why did the Romans not like Christians?

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6. Mention 2 things that changed in the Roman empire when Constantine was emperor.

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7. What is today's name of Constantinople?

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8. Constantine became a Christian emperor. How did this help Christianity to grow?

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9a. What did Constantine make his soldiers do to their shields before the battle at Milvian Bridge in 312 AD?

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9b. Why was Constantine’s victory in 312 AD also a victory for Christianity?

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10. Why did Constantine move the capital from Rome to the new Constantinople?

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11. Why do historians consider the year 476 AD as the end of the Western Roman Empire?

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12. Which of the 4 causes of the fall of Rome (mentioned in the text) would you choose as the main reason that the Visigoths were able to conquer and sack Rome?

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13a. What type of source is source 2.9.9?
primary + written
primary + non-written
secondary + written
secondary + non-written

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13b. Source 2.9.9 gives a description about the Huns.
This description is

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13c. Explain your answer to question 13b.

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