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3rd formers
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This lesson contains 32 slides, with interactive quizzes and text slides.

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3rd formers

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  • home work check
  • grammar: passive recap
  • grammar: possessives
  • linking words/conjunctions

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Focus: who 

Miss Hemelsoet bought baby clothes. 


Focus: what

Baby clothes were bought by miss Hemelsoet. 

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Dave breaks the window.
Dave broke the window.
Dave has broken the window.
Dave had broken the window.
Dave will break the window.
Dave is breaking the window.

The window is broken by Dave.
The window was broken by ...
The window has been broken ..
The window had been broken ..
The window will be broken ...
The window is being broken ...

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For each sentence pick the correct rewritten version. 
The top sentence is always active. 
You have to select the correct passive version.

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The builders demolished the old cinema.
The old cinema is demolished.
The old cinema was demolished.
The old cinema has been demolished.
The old cinema had been demolished.

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The kids are singing a song.
A song is being sung.
A song is sung.
A song was being sung.
A song was sung.

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My parents have mowned the lawn.
The lawn is mowned.
The lawn was mowned.
The lawn has been mowned.
The lawn had been mowned.

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NASA has just launched a rocket into space.

Slide 9 - Open question

A rocket has just been launched into space (by NASA).

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Grammar unit 2,5

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Possessive / Genitive
                           She's a docter    vs.    John's wife is French

Both 's look the same at first glance, but they are not!

In the first sentence, 's is short for is
But in the second sentence, 's is a form of the genitive

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Possessive / Genitive
                 He's my best friend    vs.    My cat's whiskers are long

Again, in the first sentence, 's is short for is
But in the second sentence, 's is possessive = genitive

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Possessive  's: Drag the sentence to is if 's = is
Drag the sentence to possessive if 's = possessive
My name's Jenny.
My father's name is Bob
He's a doctor
 My mother's name is Karen
 She's Italian.
 My sister's a student. 
My brother's name is Jack.
 My dog's favourite food is steak.

Slide 14 - Drag question

Possessive assignment 3
In het Engels geef je bezit op 3 verschillende manieren aan:

's / ' / of

Maar wanneer gebruik je welke?

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The genitive 's (I)

We use the genitive S after names of people, animals, time and place (to show possession). 

Mickey's ears are funny                               (enkelv., 1 Mickey)
Alexis's room is beautiful                            (enkelv., eindigt op -s / Alexis'= OK too)
Let op: 
I went to my friend's.                      (house)
Can you go to the baker's?           (shop)                                                         

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Genitive 's (II)
... ook bij meervouden die niet op -s eindigen.

The men's toilets are on the left  

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Genitive '
--> bij meervouden die op -s eindigen

My neighbours' garden is nice
My sisters' rooms are messy
(meerdere zussen & kamers)

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What is the difference?
My sister's room
My sisters' room

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Genitive of

Bij dingen - (alles wat niet personen of dieren zijn)
The roof of the house.
The capital of England.
A cup of coffee
A pound of apples

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Choose the correct form of possessive: _________ was not expensive.
My parents' car
My parents's car
The car of my parents

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Choose the correct form of possessive:
Berlin is ….. (capital/Germany)
the capital of Germany
Germany's capital
Germanies' capital

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Fill in the grammar box on possessives on page 77
Done? Check the grammar box on the next slide 

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Do  the exercises on the next 2 slides

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Slide 26 - Link

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Linking words/conjunctions 
How do you finish these sentences?

  • Because he was only 4 years old, he ......... swim.
  • Although he was only 4 years old, he ..... swim.

  • This shows that Linking words help you understand a text: they tell you what to expect.

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Read 'Grammar Conjunctions'
Then do exercises 5 and 6

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Irregular verbs

Do some irregular verb-exercises (next slide)
Scroll down to: Irregular verbs – randomly selected
Do test 1, test 2 - etc.


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Slide 31 - Link

Finish reading Charlie and the chocolate factory
Learn Study box lesson 5 (English-Dutch), 
             expressions (p. 94), conjunctions (p. 95)
Finish exercise 2,3,5,6 
Learn irregular verbs 4th part (to see  - to write)

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