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                               Formal letter writing
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                               Formal letter writing

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Planning for today
  • Recap: informal letter
  • How to write a formal letter
  • Exercises & homework

Goal: I know the conventions of writing an informal and a formal letter. 

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Recap: Informal Letter
  • Address of the sender
  • Date of writing a letter
  • Salutation/Greeting
  • Body of the letter
  • Conclusion
  • Signature of the sender

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Write this address correctly
Arnhem, 25, The Netherlands, 6883 ER, Reigerstraat

Slide 4 - Open question

Which date (layout) is wrong?
2024, 23 February
23 February 2024
February 23, 2024
23rd February 2024

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When would you write an informal letter? To who? About what?

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How do you begin an informal letter?
Dear Sir / Madam,
Hi ....,
Hello .....,
Dear ....,

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Write an example of the first line of an informal letter after "Dear / Hello ...."

Slide 8 - Open question

How to write a formal letter
Formele / zakelijke brief

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Formal / business letter
Job application
Looking for information

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To start: Adresses
25 Reigerstraat  
Arnhem, 6883 ER
The Netherlands

Peter Tremadoc                                                               
Arthurian Centre                                                         
Slaughterbridge, Camelford                                         
Cornwall  PL32 9TT                                                
Start with your own adress
Then the adress of the person/company you are writing to

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If you know the name of the recipient, use this:

Dear Mr Tremadoc,

do NOT use:
Dear Peter, Dear Sir,
Dear Mr P. Tremadoc, 
Dear Sir Tremadoc,
Dear Mr Peter Tremadoc, 
Hi Peter,

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You MUST use paragraphs. Leave a blank line between each paragraph.

  • State the reason you are writing the letter in the first paragraph.

I am.....
I am writing this letter / email to you because....

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Let's get to work!
You have seen an advertisement in the newspaper for a temporary job working as a Sales Representative during the holiday season. You decide to apply for the job.
Write a letter to the Hiring Manager of the company. In your letter:
Introduce yourself
Explain what experience and special skills you have
Explain why you are interested in the job

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Practice (formal letter)
You have been invited to attend an interview for a college place. Unfortunately, you cannot attend. Write a letter introducing yourself and your interest in the course.
Apologise and offer to come at another time / day.
Ask how long the interview will be and if you have to take an entrance exam.
150-170 words

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