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Flexles Listening + Speaking
All about the pub
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Flexles Listening + Speaking
All about the pub

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- Watch a video
- Answer the questions
- Speaking Exercise
- Time left? - lyricstraining.com

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The Royal Standard of England is ...

a beer factory in North London
The first pub that opened in England
A very old pub

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The word pub...
means 'public house'
comes from London
Means 'old house'

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Pubs need a license
to show football on tv
to sell alcohol
to sell drinks to people under 18

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Which sentence is correct?

'Bitter' is red beer and 'Guinness' is black beer.
Blond beer is called 'lager' or 'ale'.
'Lager' is red beer and 'stout' is black beer.

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Drinks ...
are more expensive if you sit at a table.
are cheaper in the afternoon.
are the same price sitting at a table or standing at the bar

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You can order food...
but you pay for the food and the service.
but it's sometimes expensive.
in most pubs.

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is allowed outside.
is allowed in special rooms.
was recently prohibited.

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Speaking Exercise
Using the stones from Ch 3:
Create a conversation with your neighbour 
One of you is a waiter in a pub
One you is a customer
Write at least 10 sentences for each role.
You may use a menu

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Example conversation 2 people
Waitperson: Hi. How are you doing this afternoon?
Customer (you): Fine, thank you. Can I see a menu, please?
Waitperson: Certainly, here you are.
Customer: Thank you. What's today's special?
Waitperson: Grilled tuna and cheese on rye.
Customer: That sounds good. I'll have that.
Waitperson: Would you like something to drink?
Customer: Yes, I'd like a coke.
Waitperson: Thank you. (returning with the food) Here you are. Enjoy your meal!
Customer: Thank you.
Waitperson: Can I get you anything else?
Customer: No thanks. I'd like the check, please.
Waitperson: That'll be $14.95.
Customer: Here you are. Keep the change!
Waitperson: Thank you! Have a good day!
Customer: Goodbye.

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Example conversation 3 people
Kevin: The spaghetti looks really good.
Alice: It is! I had it the last time I was here.
Peter: How is the pizza, Alice?
Alice: It's good, but I think the pasta is better. What would you recommend?
Waitperson: I'd recommend the lasagna. It's excellent!
Alice: That sounds great. I'll have that.
Waitperson: Fine. Would you like an appetizer?
Alice: No, lasagna is more than enough for me!
Kevin: I think I'll have the lasagna as well.
Waitperson: Right. That's two lasagnas. Would you care for an appetizer?
Kevin: Yes, I'll take the calamari.
Peter: Oh, that sounds good! I can't decide between the chicken marsala and grilled fish.
Waitperson: The fish is fresh, so I'd recommend that.
Peter: Great. I'll have the fish. I'd also like a salad.
Waitperson: What would you like to drink?
Kevin: I'll have water.
Alice: I'd like a beer.
Peter: I'll take a glass of red wine.
Waitperson: Thank you. I'll get the drinks and the appetizers.
Kevin: Thank you. 

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Find a music video you like
Try to complete it at beginner or intermediate level.

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