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Lesson goals
At the end of this lesson series your can
- think critically about the environment now and in the future
-  you can work in small groups and come up with an idea linked to sustainability
- you can creatively work out your idea for the future

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In three words
what is Sustainability?

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Basic Human Needs

What are people’s basic needs?

Do all people have the same needs?

Will a person living 100 years from now have the same needs as you do today?

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Our basic needs fall into three categories

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Our basic needs fall into three categories

Sustainability rests on Three Pillars

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Give one example of how something you do today can make the future better.

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What do you want your future to be like?

Individually or in small groups,  look at the next picture of the vacant lot. 
Design the lot, you will create something for over 50 years, think about the things you think are important, but also sustainable.  Include all criteria in you assignment (slides after the picture).

* tip: take a screenshot of the next slide. 

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Answer these questions:
How will this space be used?
How will it support the needs of the community now and in the future?
How will it promote the economy, environment, and society?

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Create your future lot. 
Keep all the criteria in mind. 
You will create something that is still of use in  50 years, use a minimum of 100 words. 
Describe, draw; be creative. 
Upload your assignment to Simulise. 

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