English lesson - Task 12 and 13 - Reservations and Happy hour!

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Plan for today
Talk about and make reservations
Describing exercise
Happy hour!

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Open your book to page 50

Role play:  We need a customer and a waiter

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Exercise 2
Look at the photos on p.51
Describe what is going on in each picture
Decide if you will take the customer's viewpoint or the staff member's viewpoint

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What did you write for the 1st picture?

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What did you write for the 2nd picture?

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What did you write for the 3rd picture?

Slide 7 - Open question

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Happy hour (12-2pm)
5 people can choose a drink from the menu

If your name comes up choose your drink from the 
menu on p53 and p54

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What do you think about 'Happy hour'?
Is it a good or bad thing? Why?

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Exercise time
Complete exercises 1 and 2 on page 55
Put your hand up in Teams when you have finished.

Any questions?

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