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EnglishSpecial Education

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Nem lenne ennyi vitánk, ha nem lennél olyan makacs.

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Már otthon lennék, ha nem hibáztál volna.

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Ha eljönnél velem a koncertre, nagyon boldog lennék.

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Ha eláll az eső, kimegyünk.

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Elmennék Kazincbarcikára, ha hívnának.

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Énekelni fogok, ha túl leszünk ezen a feladaton.

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Fill the gaps with the given phrases!

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  1. She _____________ home if she doesn't pass the exam.
  2. Edvin would have gone to the beach if the weather _____________ fine.
  3. If you were in London, you _____________ much more English than now.
  4. She _____________ happier if she had won the lottery.
would be
had been
won't go
will say
would use

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Complete the sentences!

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  1. If you were at home,
  2. Edina would call you 
  3. I will be happy
  4. If he had bought that item
  5. Workers go home
if you pass the exam.
if the shift is over.
you would be able to lay on the sofa.
our task would be easier.
if she had a little time.
we bought it for you.

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Create a First conditional sentence on your own!

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Create a Second conditional sentence on your own!

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Create a Third conditional sentence on your own!

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