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Social studies
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Social studies

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What are we doing today?
Getting to know each other
Intro: The what and why of social studies
Main rules
What do you have to know at end of 1st and 2nd lesson?
First part of documentary Pak de Macht
Discuss documentary
Check what we (have to) know

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Getting to know each other
Ms Geerse,

short game: two truths, one lie

I have four cats and four children
I have played football since I was seven and still do
I speak fluent Turkish

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Please write two truths and one lie about yourself
We'll ask random people to share them

Write down 3 things you did during the holidays. We'll guess who did what.

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Main rules
We listen to the person who has the floor
Almost all opinions are allowed, but we phrase them with respect for other people's feelings
Feedback for the teacher or others has to be constructive
We can make mistakes and say sorry

In short: speak your mind, but await your turn and do it with respect

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What is social studies?
How does our society 'work'?
How do we think it should work?
more precisely (please write): 
Who takes the decisions?
What do we do with people who disobey the rules?
How do we divide wealth and welfare?
How do we deal with differences in lifestyle, culture and so on?

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Pair the left with the right
1 Who takes the decisions?                                                             a.Rule of law
2.what do we do with people who disobey the rules?        b.Welfare state do we divide wealth and welfare?                                   c.Politics do we deal with differences in lifestyle, culture?    d.Pluralist society

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average of social studies, cultural education and PWS is your 'combinatiecijfer'. 

A 7 means you can compensate a 5 in your exit exams.

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1st term:   Introduction and Rule of law
                     TO1 15 percent
2nd term: Introduction, Rule of law and Politics 
                      TO2 20 percent
                      PO1 20 percent
3rd term:  Welfare state 
                      PO2 20 percent
4th term:  Pluralist society and Welfare state 
                     TO3 25 percent

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What should you know at end of second lesson?
1st lesson:     what is social studies about?
2nd lesson:   power and power resources
                            human rights

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know your and other people's rights and duties
know what politics is about and who you would like to vote for
be able to understand different view points/positions
substantiate your opinions
find your own position in society

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Pak de macht! De lange arm van China
What might this documentary be about?

please write:
1. Whose rights are being violated?
2. Who has the power to do something against this?
3. Why is a human right such as freedom of opinion not just a value?

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Slide 14 - Link

Second lesson
watch documentary
discuss documentary
debate The Dutch response
explanation social problem
check the terms
do assignments about social problems, values and interests

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1. Which rights are violated?
2. Who has the power to do this and who has the power to do something against this?
3. What are their sources of power?
4. What is power?
5. What is a value?
6. What is the difference between a value and a human right?
7. Why are human rights more than 'just' values
8. What should the OM do? What should The Netherlands do?

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TA Sept 2 docu until 26:45
discussed what the OM and The Netherlands should do
next time: put students in groups, or hart hoofd ja nee

TB Sept 6 until right explanation

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Sept 8
- watch last part documentary
- power (sources), value, interest, right
- debate coronavaccinations
- scan book Intro par. 1
- assignment values
- explanation social problem

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China                     Uyghurs
interests: oil, power                             values: respect, human                                                                                                       dignity
                                                                      rights: freedom of religion,
                                                                                     opinion, physical                                                                                                   integrity...
resources: violence                             resources: not many, internat.
diplomacy, economic position                               solidarity/media? 

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value:       something you find worthwhile for yourself and others
norm:       rule for behavior
interest: an advantage for you or your group
right:       a value laid down in a law, no one is excluded

power:    the ability to force others to do things (or not do) 
power sources: numbers, money, knowledge, violence, authority... 
formal power: if it is written down

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is a value, not a right

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Debate: Employers should be allowed to require their employees to be vaccinated against corona.
2 groups, 1 pro and 1 against
10 min preparation in small 

which rights clash here?
which interests and values?
role of power?

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Please do assignment 1-3

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Please open your book at par. 1 of What is Social Studies?
Scan this paragraph and write down which topics of this paragraph were NOT discussed in this lesson

And what DID we discuss?

We will not use the book very often, but please ALWAYS bring it.

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Slide 27 - Mind map