week 6 present perfect continuous, past perfect continuous

- Use of English so review

- perfect tenses 
(perfect past/present simple and continuous)

some listening practice

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Items in this lesson

- Use of English so review

- perfect tenses 
(perfect past/present simple and continuous)

some listening practice

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Test review

- no phones        no laptops
- cijfersberekenen.nl:  31 punten, voldoende = 6, 70% non-lineair

We will go through the exercises and answers. 
Question? Write it on your paper and return it to me. 

No questions? Take your paper and look at the bits that were most difficult. Keep working on those!

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perfect tenses


I have worked

I had worked


I have been working

I had been working

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Past simple or Present perfect?
Jennifer ________ (live) here for two years.

Slide 4 - Open question

Fill in past simple or present perfect.
Jack .........(do) that already.

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Fill in: I _____ at Disneyland last summer. (work) (Past simple of Present perfect)

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Past simple or Present Perfect?
We _____ in Canada since 2016 (live)

Slide 7 - Open question

past simple or present perfect
Yesterday Anna ... (dance) in the theatre.

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Present perfect
1)  something started in the past and is not over yet
               I have lived here for ten years.
2) results are still noticable
               She has broken her arm.
3) something happened very recently: Just.
               They have just finished their homework.

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Present Perfect Continuous
  1. Something happened in the past and is still relevant for now + you want to emphasis the duration of it (the activity).

We have been playing tennis for over three hours and I'm still not tired. 

2. Emphasize that something was going on and has just ended.

I have been running. I’m exhausted.

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Present Perfect Continuous

I have been studying for geography for four hours. 
He has been trying to reach him for weeks now. 

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Past perfect
1) Two things in the past happened, the thing that happened first is in past perfect

          After they had hiked up the mountain, they took a shower. 

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Before he went out, Fred ...................(eat)
had eaten
was eating

Slide 14 - Quiz

As soon as I __________(finish) my homework, I ____ (go) out.
have finished, went
had finished, go
had finished, went

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Past perfect vs Past simple:
When we ... (enter) the cinema, the film .... (start, already)
had entered, already started
entered, had already started

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Past perfect continuous
Continuous = duration of the event is important

  • I have been chopping wood all morning. (present perfect continuous)
  • He had been waiting for an hour when I arrived. (past perfect continuous)
  • In April, we will have been bringing home thousands stranded tourists for two months. (future perfect continuous)

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past perfect continuous
How: Past perfect <have/had + participle> + continuous <to be + ing>
     had + been (participle) + -ing

I had been trying to get tickets for that play for months, and I nearly missed it

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Remember: action interrupted by another = also past continuous and past simple

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Complete the sentences

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ppc vs past continuous
He was tired because he was exercising so hard.
This sentence emphasizes that he was tired because he was exercising at that exact moment.

He was tired because he had been exercising so hard.
This sentence emphasizes that he was tired because he had been exercising over a period of time. It is possible that he was still exercising at that moment OR that he had just finished.

 Past continuous emphasizes interrupted actions, whereas past perfect continuous emphasizes a duration of time before something else in the past.

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I ______ just _____ (bump) my head, look at the bruise!
I ______________ (wait) for hours for you!
I _____ just ____ (bump) my head when my date walked in!
I _____________ (wait) for hours when you finally showed up!

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Next slides:
- where to find this in the book
- slides with extra help + link for practice

Look in Classroom too! And check my YouTube, during covid I made some grammar videos

Anything unclear? Ask me. No time to ask? MAIL!!!!

Listening unit 1C, p8

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Next week
Monday: more grammaring. Test prep

Possibly no class on Friday, I will post on Magister and Classroom. Test will move to Friday after break

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Book unit 1D p 10
exercise  4 and 5

No book? 
Access the LessonUp classroom (code  fxrhs) and go to the websites at the end of this lesson

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Slide 27 - Link

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If these words are in a sentence you have to use the present perfect
  • F   for  (+ time reference)
  • Y   yet
  • N   never 
  • E   ever 

  • J   just 
  • A   already
  • S   since 

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