Evening Routines

Evening Routines
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Evening Routines

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On your own
  • Make sure that you have your morning routines, how often, and time chart finished (you did this the last class period)
  • Practice signing it, I will ask you to sign one 
  • Happy Friday/Homecoming until I am done with ASL II you may work on missing work or get a head start on homework  

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Today 10/1-10/4
  • Review morning routines
  • Practice signing the morning routines you crated with me
  • Learn  evening routines

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Morning Routines

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Whiteboard game
  • I'll sign a morning routine you write it on the board 

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Partner time
  • Your partner will write one of the vocabulary words on their whiteboard 
  • Sign the correct sign (help each other out if you missed the vocab word) 

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take bath
eat breakfast
brush hair
brush teeth
comb hair
get dressed
get ready
get up
put on makeup

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Drawing Activity
  • I'll sign the vocabulary word you draw it 

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Evening Routines

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change clothes
to do
eat dinner
chores, duties
fall asleep
go to bed

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set alarm

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How often

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ASL Note book
  • In your ASL notebook create five sentences 
  • Include the evening routine and how often (every day, every week, every afternoon) 

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