1.2 Cellular respiration-2 (Diffusion)

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Ch. 1 Breath in ... and out

- iPad
- Pen, pencil
- note book

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today''s program 
results 2-test 
revision homework

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    Learning objectives: 'what I am going to learn?'
    I can .... 
    • explain what air is.
    • explain the difference between breathing, gas exchange and cellular respiration 
    • explain the relation between photosynthesis and cellular respiration

    New key terms:
    inhalation - exhalation - lung ventilation - gas exchange - 
    cellular respiration 
    previous lesson

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    Learning objectives: 'what I am going to learn?'
    I can .... 
    • explain what diffusion is and give an example
    • explain the difference between gas exchange and diffusion
    • describe how gasses travel from the lungs to body cells 
    • compare diffusion of gasses and diffusion of water (osmosis)

    New key terms:
    diffusion, osmosis 

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    process -                        place
    respiration -                   in and out nasal and oral cavity
    lung ventilation -           between windpipe and lungs
    gas exchange -              between alveolus and lung capillary
                                          between capillary and body cell

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    how does gas exchange take place? 
    mechanism : diffusion 

    between  alveoli  and lung capillaries
    between capillaries and body cells 

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    • read button F and G in Brick's Biology 
    • copy the definition of DIFFUSION in your note book
    • do exercises 2, 3 and 4
    • read button H and copy the last sentence in your note book and fill in the gaps 

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    what makes gas exchange between alveoli and lung capillaries so effective? and between 'body' capillaries and body cells?
    • a large amount of alveoli / body cells 
             --> large surface for diffusion
    • a large amount of lung capillaries  / body capillaries
             --> large surface with difference is gas concentration 
    • alveoli, capillaries and body cells  have thin 'walls' (=1 layer of cells) 
            --> short distance for diffusion 

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    Slide 12 - Video

    what else makes diffusion
    easier in the lungs?

    Slide 13 - Mind map

    learn 1.2 diffusion (button A - G)
    read about osmosis (button H and I)
    finish exercises 1-4
    next lesson pratical ... 

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