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U11 start: vocabulary
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U11 start: vocabulary

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Lesson objectives
* you (get to) know school words by listening and reading about it.
* you learn about compound nouns (as homework).

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Watch 'about' you as a class
Think about the questions posed in SB p. 64 while you do.

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How many hours a week do you spend at school?

Slide 4 - Mind map

How long does it take you to get to school each day (you are allowed), and how do you get (t)here?

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What do you think is important to have in a classroom?

Slide 6 - Mind map

1. Look at the photos of difficult journeys to school. Which journey do you think is most difficult?

Slide 7 - Poll

exc. 2:
Listen and write the answer in your notebook.
Finished quickly? Start on exc. 3 (and 4) as well :).

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answers exc. 2
Already finished with 3 and 4? Think of the stress on the words in them (klemtoon) and read through 5.

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answers exc. 3

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answers exc. 4

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All children should attend school up to the age of 18. (Netherlands = 16 or until 18 when you have a havo/vwo/mbo level 2 diploma)

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Only excellent students should go to university and get a degree.

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Schools should break up for holidays every four weeks. (Netherlands usually every 6/7 weeks).

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Children who do badly should never have to repeat a year.
(Officially the rule in Netherlands, unless there are circumstances)

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Children should start primary school when they are aged 4, and secondary when they are aged 12.

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It's really important to do well in school.

Slide 17 - Poll

Education should be free and available to everyone in the world.

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Experience in life is more important than qualifications.

Slide 19 - Poll

All children should start learning another language in year 1 (primary school).

Slide 20 - Poll

Slide 21 - Link

Undergraduates (bachelor studenten) shouldn't have to pay to attend university.


Slide 22 - Poll

A choice of reading practice:
SB p. 65 excc. 2, 3, 4      OR
WB p. 45 excc. 2, 3, 4
Work on it now :), write the answers in your notebook.

Finished quickly? SB p. 66 excc. 1, 2, 3 will be homework
(+ word list U11)

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SB answers:


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WB answers: 

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If you want to/need to practice more:
Work in the WB/SB on the same subjects, we usually skip one or the other.
Write down your questions (in the chat) and ask them next class!

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Slide 27 - Mind map