V1 U11 skills

U11 Skills 
please join me VIA THE CLASS!
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U11 Skills 
please join me VIA THE CLASS!
Code G1A:  wkgqi
Code A1A: vcifx

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lesson objectives
* you know whether you understand the determiners (hw).
* you practice reading and listening in Unit 11
* you practice speaking U11?

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exc. 2, SB p. 65

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exc. 6

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exc. 7

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I know when to use which determiner...
true, maybe practice again later
almost true, need more practice now
not true, I have a question

Slide 6 - Quiz

I know the words and the difference between countable/uncountable nouns (last class)
only the words
only the (un)countable nouns
neither, I need to practice more!

Slide 7 - Quiz

If you want to/need to practice more:
Work in the WB digitally so that it is checked for you,
Write down your questions (in the chat) and ask them next class!

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Flip the page to SB p. 66
Do exc. 1: matching the pictures and the words
Do exc. 2: answering the questions

Read through the questions in 'Talking Points' (p. 66)
and Listening (p. 67) if you are finished quickly.

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exc. 1 Reading SB p. 66

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exc. 2 reading SB p. 66

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Watch 'Talking Points' together
be prepared to answer the questions in the Lesson up in a moment.

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What's your favourite city?

Slide 13 - Mind map

Why do you like it there?

Slide 14 - Mind map

Is there anything you don't like about it?

Slide 15 - Mind map

What places in your city do you go to regularly and why?

Slide 16 - Mind map

Do Listening on SB p. 67 together
excc. 1, 2

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exc. 1

Slide 18 - Slide

exc. 2

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Take a picture of the work you did in class today.
Write that it is reading / listening.
Correct your mistakes / write 0 mistakes in a different colour.
Upload the picture to Teams.

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Prepare a conversation together!
See SB p. 67, exc. 1
The rest of the class has to guess where you are next class :).

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Do you need to practice extra?
Go to the on-line method!
reading, yes
listening, yes
both reading and listening

Slide 22 - Quiz