1HVa Lesson 6 Writing Workshop

This lesson you need:
Book (page 54)
Your short story from last lesson
Notebook + pen

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This lesson contains 11 slides, with interactive quiz and text slides.

Items in this lesson

This lesson you need:
Book (page 54)
Your short story from last lesson
Notebook + pen

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- I can use the Present Continuous
- I can write an invitation
- I can write a reply

- I can hand in an invitation + reply via LessonUp during the lesson on Thursday

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- Check Present Continuous Story
- Write an invitation
- Feedback + adapting invitation
- Write Reply

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Write the story you wrote using the Present Continuous

Slide 4 - Open question

Page 54 
- What do the words in red mean?
- Assignment 2 (5 min)

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Answers assignment 2
  1. Hi/Hi there/Dear
  2.  See you/Cheers
  3. Please, send me a text or call me.
  4. Would you like to come?
  5. I'd like to come but I can't because.../I'm sorry but I can't come
  6. I'd love to come to the game!

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Assignment 5
Write a note in Pages/Word
Think about:
- How to start the note
- How to invite people
- How to ask for a reply
- How to finish the note

See your answers of assignment 2 for help also use picture A in your book on page 54

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Give eachother feedback
Break-out room with 2 people
Share your screen
Use the checklist to give feedback
Change your mistakes

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Write a reply
Random Break-out Rooms
Take a screenshot of your invitation and send it in your break-out Room chat.
Write a reply to eachother's notes.  

Use B, C on page 56 as examples
Make sure to accept or refuse the invitation (assignment 3)

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Hand in 
Make sure you have a picture/screenshot of your invitation and reply to hand in on Thursday via LessonUp. 

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