WEEK 4 - PERIODE 2 (les 2 lessen serie)

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Today's plan
  • Recap last lesson
  • Feedback & adjusting
  • Reviewing each other's reviews!
  • Time left? -->
  • BLE CH 12 ex. A, B & D

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By the end of this lesson, you are able to analyze and give (effective) peer feedback on film/series reviews!

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What was the last lesson about?

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What do you think of this review?

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Please read the feedback I gave in your letter.  Make some adjustments where needed.
When you are finished self-asses your work, ask yourself: Did my work meet all the SC?

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Let's review each other's reviews!
  • Has the review met all the requirements of a film review?
  • Give tips/tops
  • Based on this review, would you or would you not watch this series/film?

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Layout of a (film)review
  • Title
  • Photo (optional)
  • 1st paragraph: Plot of the film
  • 2nd/3rd paragraph: experience/opinion with evidence
  • 4th paragraph: recommendation and conclusion

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Write your feedback in a different colour/use highlights!

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Give the reviews back to their owners and read what they have written for you.
What went well?
What could you improve on?

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How did it go?

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See you next lesson!

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