Business workshop 8

Business workshop 8
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Business workshop 8

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Lesson outcome
Learners can identify and talk about communication problems

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In how many countries in the world is English the standard language?

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English is the language, ...........

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Why is it important to learn English?


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Reasons Why Learning English Is Important

English is the language of science, of computers, diplomacy, tourism and many other sectors. Knowing English increases your chances of getting a top job in a multinational company within your home country or abroad. It’s also the language of international communication, the media and the internet, so learning English is important for all aspects of life, including one of our favourite past times… socialising!!

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1. The Language of International Communication

English is not the most spoken language in the world, but it is the official language of 53 countries and spoken by around 400 million people across the globe. Being able to speak English is not just about being able to communicate with native English speakers, it is the most common second language in the world with over 1 billion speakers. If you want to speak to someone from another country then the chances are that you will both be speaking English to do this.

Learning English is important as it enables you to communicate easily with your fellow global citizens. When you study English with Johnny, you will be learning English from a native speaker who will help to improve your pronunciation, grammar, vocabulary, and more importantly, speaking English confidently.

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2. The Language of Business

English is the dominant language for doing business and it has become almost a necessity for people to speak the language if they are to enter a global workforce. Worldwide research shows that cross-border business communication, more often than not, is conducted in English and that most international companies expect employees to be fluent in English.
The importance of learning English in the international marketplace cannot be understated – learning English really can change your life.

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The Importance of Learning English Today.

Learning English can be challenging and time-consuming. When realising the importance of learning it and putting in a lot of effort you will eventually improve your level of English. Make sure to travel a lot! Be exposed to the language and talk as much English as you can. You will definitely benefit from doing so. Also take advantage of speaking exercises in class. Make lots of mistakes!

As you can see, in the modern world, English is a desirable and valuable skill to have and can create many opportunities both for professional and personal development.

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to weep
to let (someone) down
to witness
turning point 

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mania = manie
hysterical = hysterisch
pandemonium = 'This is a pandemonium' (warboel, opstand)
deafening = oorverdoofend
rapture = trance
to weep = huilen
alarming = alarmerend
to let (someone) down = iemand teleurstellen
intensity = intensief
to witness = getuigen zijn van
tsunami = tsunami
universal = universeel
turning point = keerpunt

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Writing exercise: react on the following statements. Pick 2 that you find interesting. Turn it in on teams. ( 

1. What are the pros and cons of having a universal language? Do you think the world needs a universal language? Why or why not? Could our global economy function without a universal language? Could translation be used instead of a global language? 

2. Should English be the world’s language? Why or why not? Are there any other languages that you think would be better?

3. One criticism of having English as the world’s language is that talented people who do not speak English are excluded from certain jobs. What are some solutions to this problem? Think of at least three things that governments and corporations can do to make sure talented people aren’t excluded from certain jobs.

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4. Do you think most of the world will speak English one day? If so, when do you think it will happen?

5. In the video, the speaker says English is becoming the world’s language not because the United States is pushing it but because the world is pulling it. Do you agree or disagree with this statement? What do you think is causing such a huge demand for English?

6. What do you think about the educational methods you saw in the video? What are the pros and cons of governments forcing all students to learn English? Do you think governments should make English learning mandatory? Why or why not?

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