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Book presentation
You can find the full file on the book presentation assignment on the Studiewijzer in Magister. Make sure you download & store it in your Engels folder on your laptop/ipad.

  • You are going to do a book presentation about a book you’ve read that you liked. 

  • You need to speak for at least 5 minutes (8 minutes maximum). For every 30 seconds you do not speak, one point will be deducted from your final mark. . 
  • You are allowed to have a flashcard with 10 key words.
  • Your presentation needs to be supported by visuals e.g., a PPT or Prezi.
  • No more than 10 words on a PPT/Prezi slide

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What to focus on:
  • Please note that the presentation consists of more than a summary and your opinion. We ask you to discuss a focal point which can be different for each book. The main part of your presentation
    should be the focal point
  • You also need to read an excerpt from the book
    and explain how it illustrates your focal point.

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Focal points

What is a focal point? - a particular part of the book that you want to highlight in your presentation. This can be about several things: focus on what really stands out to you.

How do you find a good one? Have a look online and google your book. What do other people say about it? Is there anything they all  mention? Is there a particular way of storytelling going on? What do you think the author wants to teach/tell the readers? 

 Are you reading a classic or highly popular novell? Try having a look at www.sparknotes.com or www.litcharts.com

Other sites you can try: bookrags, thebestnotes, novelguide, shmoop, goodreads.

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  • Harry Potter: the problems of being famous, magic in the 21st century, friendship under pressure, growing up in a chaotic world, keeping secrets etc.

  • Thirteen Reasons Why: insecurities, bullying, suicide in teenagers, looking for a place to belong etc.

  • Spider-Man:  what makes a hero, rising to the challenge, how do deal with failure and defeat, consequences of actions taken, " with great power comes great responsibilty" etc.

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My example:
"I recently read the book Renegades by Marissa Meyer. It is about an apocalyptic world where superheroes rule after they won a battle with supervillains. The main character is a villain going undercover to destroy what the superheroes have built."

My focal point could be: what is morality in a world where good vs bad is the same as hero vs villain?

While reading I learned that the heroes lie and bully, and the villains just want to live a life free of oppression. Both sides do things considered good and both sides do things considered bad. I've learned that it is not so much about what makes a hero, but more about the 'victor' deciding on the rules. In my presentation, I would give examples from the book to support my focal point.

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Schuingedrukt is eigenlijk hoe kort de samenvatting moet zijn. De focal point is waar ze zich echt op moeten richten.
Wees vrij om zelf een ander voorbeeld te geven aan ze!
Go online and find information on your book. Try the sites mentioned here or ask your teacher for helpful ones. 
  1. What do reviewers say about your book?
  2. Can you find out which themes there are, or why the author wrote this book?
  3. Why is it recommended by others?
  4. What is said about the characters?
  5. What do you know about the author?

Make sure you gather your information and useful websites in 1 Word file so you can access them easily. Put the file in your Engels folder for later. Continue reading your book if there is time left in class.

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Nervous? Need a little support?
Watch the next videos about public
speaking and giving great presentations
 to help you along!

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