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Wie zoekt zal vinden
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Wie zoekt zal vinden

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Nieuw gebouw
Is this the school of the future? Is dit de school van de toekomst?
How does it feel? Hoe voelt het? 
What is better/worse? Wat is beter/slechter?
Try to use 3 Dutch words when answering these questions

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Schema voor vandaag
  • Prepare for Criterion A listening summative on Monday 17th of January by watching a video about media literacy.
  • Repeat the 3 strands and what they are about
  • Task: create 3 questions (one for each strand) yourself
  • Discuss your own questions and answers. Are they good questions?

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Video about mediawijsheid 

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Strands 1,2 and 3
i. identify explicit and implicit information (facts and/or opinions, and supporting details)

ii. analyse conventions

iii. analyse connections

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Identify explicit and implicit information
  • Text comprehension-show that you understand what the text is about. 
  • Identify differents bits of info-facts, feelings, opinions. 

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Analyse conventions
  • Identify, interpret and analyse conventions 
  • Think about the lay-out, 
    the title, the source, the
    genre, the type of
    information that is used?
  • What does that tell you
    about the video?

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Analyse connections
  • Connect everything you know now about the video to your own life and your own perspective.
  • Show that you understand
    these connections

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Create one question for every strand (in Dutch as much as possible) and answer the question. Create your questions in a google document. Then, you can screenshare and show them.
Finished? Practise the wordlist in Quizlet.

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Discuss your questions
  • Do you understand the different strands? 
  • And the questions that you can expect for every strand? 
  • Any questions about the summative?

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in, uit, naast, voor, achter, op, onder, boven, tussen, bij, aan
in, out, beside, in front of, behind, on top of, under/underneath, above, in between, beside, on. 
De muis-zit-in de doos.
Het chocolaatje haal ik uit de doos.

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