Week 23 VWO lesson 2 (S.O. irregular verbs#2 + double genitive)

Week 22: lesson 2
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Week 22: lesson 2

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Last lesson

You can use past time expressions accurately in English sentences

This lesson

You can use the double genetive accurately in English sentences.
Lesson goals

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Lesson plan

1. S.O. Irregular Verbs #2 (15 min)
2. Double Genitive
(3. Kahoot)
4. Did we achieve our lesson goals?

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S.O. Irregular Verbs #2

You have 15 minutes to finish your test.

Good luck!

Finished with the test?  No phones, but you can work on homework (quietly!)

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Let's discuss S.O. Unit 5
No writing material on your desk!

Any questions about your test in specific? 
You can come to me after class!

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Double Genitive
Een andere manier om over bezit te praten is door de zogeheten double genitive te gebruiken.

Je gebruikt double genitive om over één van meerdere dingen te praten die iemand/iets bezit.

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Double Genitive
Je kan de double genitive op twee manieren maken:
1) noun (zelfstandig naamwoord)+ of + possessive pronoun (mine, yours, his, hers, ours, theirs)
That is a friend of hers.     Dat is een vriend van haar.
He is a student of mine      Hij is een leerling van mij

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Double Genitive
2) noun (zelfstandig naamwoord)+ of + possessive adjective (my, your, his, her, our, their) + possessive ‘s
This is the bike of my dad’s      Dit is de fiets van mijn vader
I am reading a book of John’s      Ik ben een boek van John aan                          het lezen.

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Open your Student's book at p.59; Unit 6 Best friends; Grammar

Do ex. 1-3
You have 8 minutes & 
you work alone

After this make ex 4 on p.55 of your Workbook

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Time left?

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Time for Kahoot

Take out your phone and enter the game PIN that I will show you now

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Lesson goals:

You can use the double genetive accurately in English sentences.

Homework :

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