Stepping Stones Chapter 5 C reading

Chapter 5 C Reading: Remarkable animal stories
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Chapter 5 C Reading: Remarkable animal stories

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Today's Goals
I can understand specific information in simple texts
I know how to find out the meaning of difficult words
I can answer questions about a text

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What's important to do while reading or answering questions about a text?

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Do ex. 17 and 18 a,b
You've got five minutes to complete the exercises!
Go, go, go.......
5 minutes

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Let's read the text
Underline the words in the text you don't understand 
How can you find out the meaning of these words?
Which strategy will you use?

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I am going to......
(10 minutes)
do ex. 18 c and 20 on page 68/69 alone
ask a question and then do ex. 18c and 20

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Check your answers
1. Lulu (pig) - lying down in the street to stop traffic 
2. Mandy  (goat) - true
3. Mila (beluga whale) - true
4. Kerry (horse) - true
5. Jambo (gorilla) - protecting from troop, leading troop away 
6. Vicky (dolphin) - true

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Reading and understandig specific information went well!

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Study: Vocabulary A, B and C

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