Introduction to Literature: Session 2

Introduction to Literature
Week 2: Week 2: Roald Dahl; Grace Nichols

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Introduction to Literature
Week 2: Week 2: Roald Dahl; Grace Nichols

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In Today's Lesson you will:
  • Read  Roald Dahl's short story "The Landlady" and
Grace Nichols’ poem “The Fat Black Woman Goes Shopping”

  • Analyze the use of characterization, focalization and narrative point of view 

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Roald Dahl
  • 1916 - 1990
  • Was a pilot in the Royal Air Force
  • Wrote 9 short story collections
  • Wrote 19 children's books
  • Including: 

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The Landlady
  • "The Landlady" is a short horror story by Roald Dahl.
  • initially appeared in The New Yorker in 1959.
  • Was adapted into a short film in the British show called Tales of the Unexpected 

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Read "the Landlady"

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What was your first impression of the story?

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Can you find a quote where the Landlady is described physically?

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Find a quote that describes Billy Weaver physically

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Suggested Answers
"She (the Landlady) had a round pink face and very gentle
blue eyes" 
"Billy was seventeen years old.
He was
wearing a new navy-blue
overcoat, a new brown trilby hat,
and a new brown suit"

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Describe how Billy's actions contribute to his characterization

Slide 11 - Open question

What does the comparison of
the landlady to a jack-in-thebox suggest about her (lines 90–91)?

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Describe how The Landlady's actions contribute to her characterization

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  • Representation of characters in a story.
  • Distinction can be made between flat or two-dimensional characters (which remain static), or round or three-dimensional characters (which are complex and demonstrate development). 

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Explain whether the landlady is a flat or round character and why

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Explain whether the landlady is a flat or round character and why

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The landlady and Billy Weaver are both flat/static characters; Neither one of them have a personality change

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Grace Nichols
  • Born in Guyana, moved to Britain in 1977
  • Poetry concerned with the experience of immigrants from former colonies to UK after World War II
  • Uses a lot of Caribbean rhythms,
    language and folklore

Watch the video on the next slide.

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Read the poem "A fat black lady goes shopping"

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What is your first impression of the poem?

Slide 21 - Open question

Why would the poem use ‘de’ rather than ‘the’?

Slide 22 - Open question

What is this poem about?​

Slide 23 - Open question

Where do you think the speaker is from?

Slide 24 - Open question

What is the effect of the lack of punctuation? ​

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Read the section about the narrator in the document literary terms
  • Narration is the telling of a story
  • The narrator tells the story
  • Focalization  refers to the viewpoint from which a story is told

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From what perspective is the poem written? How did you infer this?

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The end
  • Please join go to the Teams-channel for the live Q&A.
  •  Make sure to attend and ask your questions about the texts and the assignments.  

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