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- What is most difficult to learn/study?
- How do you learn/study?
- Practice a (new) way to study
- check if it worked.

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What is most difficult to learn/study?
What do you need help with?
Studying Grammar
Studying Stones/sentences
Studying Vocabulary

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How do you study Vocabulary?

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Ways to study Vocab
  • Read through the words and block out anwers to quiz yourself.
  • Write all the words down
  • Practice online
          - WRTS
          - Quizlet
          - Slim Stampen (Stepping Stones)
  • Make connections between the words (are there categories?) / Make a mindmap
  • Flashcards
  • Visualise words
  • PLAN!!!! You need to plan when you will study the vocab - repetition is key!

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How do you study Grammar?

Slide 6 - Mind map

How to study grammar
  • Read the overviews in the book and memorise rules
  • Pretend that you have to explain it to someone else  
  • Re-do the most difficult exercises in the book
  • Look online for explanation videos, there are multiple ways to explain grammar, if the teacher's doesn't work for you then you should try something else.

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How do you study/learn Stones/Sentences?

Slide 8 - Mind map

How to study stones/sentences
  • Read through all the stones, not just the summary
  • practice with the translations
  • You will need to be able to use the stones to write a story so practice writing these short stories! there are exercises in the book and you can also just write a story related to the theme. 

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And now?
Choose one of the methods we discussed and start studying vocabulary/stones.
Try something you haven't tried before!


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Check your work!
In pairs se how much you have remembered from your study session.

How did the method work for you?

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