H3: Support in Speaking test period 1

At the end of the lesson you: 
* will have practised sentences and words with a TH-sound

* will have a better understanding of word order in English

* will know how to prepare your first monologue
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At the end of the lesson you: 
* will have practised sentences and words with a TH-sound

* will have a better understanding of word order in English

* will know how to prepare your first monologue

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Do you remember?

Who can tell me what your speaking test is all about?

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Practise makes perfect...
Look at the story on page 9.
Practise the disaster story with a friend and try to correct each other when you don't hear the Th-sound. But also compliment when someone does it right!

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Word order
1. subject (ow)
( Adverb (bijwoord) SOMS)
2. Verb (werkwoorden)
3. Object (voorwerp) SOMS
4. Place (waar)
5. Time (wanneer)

Read page 5/6 with me about the different sentences and word orders.

 complete the handout

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Independent study
Study the word list on page 8 of your booklet about sports & hobbies. Start preparing  step 1 (page 11)

Brainstorm: what will be your topic for monologue 1?

Homework for 17/9: write a speech plan ( step 1 + 2) on page 11 
(h3B) (h3D done for wednesday)

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Check homework
1.  Your monologue: check if you used the present simple correctly.

2 . Put the words of page 8 in quizlet to practise for your test. 

3. On page 17: try and pronounce the difficult texts with TH-sound

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Einddoelen week 1/2
--> Page 20 in your booklet

--> Fill it in with the utmost honesty

--> What is your gameplan?

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1. Which goals do you need to work on?

2. What do you need to do to get to your goal? To succeed?

3. How are you going to do that?

4. What do you need from me?

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What chapters could you make?

Slide 10 - Mind map

Introduction to Monologue 2
--> Page 21 in your booklet

--> Why the Past Simple?

--> Page 24: wordlist

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Past Simple
In couples try to finish each sentence... (silently)

1. Using the Past Simple: something is completely .....?
2. A lot of the time, there is a ......... in the sentence that proves the answer of sentence 1
3. In the list of irregular verbs, you use the ....... row or +.....
4. For a negative sentence, you use ......../for  a question...?

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Present Perfect

Slide 14 - Mind map

Present Perfect
1. In the list of irregular verbs, I use the ...row/+.....?
2. I always put .......or....... in front of the past participle (volt.dw)
3. A few signalwords for the P.P are ...../...../...../.....

4. We use it to emphasize that............

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Blabla pronunciation
Please take a look at page 25/26 of your booklet.

Page 25: Practising the U sound in different words

page 26: practising Past Simple with + ED verbs (regular)

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Relative pronouns
Please look at page 29/30 of your booklet

Who/ which/ that/ whose/ whom/ 

Read them indepedently. Work as a group of four to find out what the differences are. For each pronoun make three new sentences. Do not use the ones on page 30

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It's all relative to me

Wilson would like to ask you a few questions first.

Continue Friday's assignment for five minutes please. 

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Pronunciation blabla
1. Please open your booklet on page 32
Read the Anansi story first for yourselves (in silence). Underline which words are a challenge for you!

2. Let's read it together

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Test overview #1

1. Word order      (page 5/6 in booklet)
2. Present Simple (page 13/14)
3. Present Continuous (page 15)
4. Past Simple (page 21/22)
5. Present Perfect (page 23)
6. Relative Pronouns (page 29/30)

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Test overview #2
1. Page 16: Talking about passions
2. Page 39: Talking about Part-time jobs
2. Page 39: Talking about earning and spending money

Irregular verbs sheet! 

Also, do not forget to study lesson up. All the lessons of grammar are in here and your ipad! 

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Monoloog 3
Page 41 of your booklet: Future education/career

What do you want to do when you grow up? What would you like to study and where? What do you need to do to make it happen? How long will it take? What did you want to become when you were little? Is it different from what you want now?

BRAINSTORM: fill in as many chapters as you can!

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