Not romantic...
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Not romantic...

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What was the ideal hero like in a classical piece of literature?

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Relate the two pictures which you have just seen to each other.

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Personal expression
From enlightenment to romanticism: The dominant mode of expression changed. Enlightenment was considered too objective and too reasonable. There was no room for personal expression.

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Lyrical ballads by William Wordsworth en Samuel Taylor Coleridge.
For all good poetry is the spontaneous overflow of powerful feelings: and though this be true, Poems to which any value can be attached were never produced on any variety of subjects but by a man who, being possessed of more than usual organic sensibility, had also thought long and deeply.

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Belief in the individual and the common man

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The romantics are based in passion, not in reason. They look at the world with more than reasonable optimism.

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Love of nature

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The romantic hero

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Name at least two examples of romantic heroes.

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Background information
Do you want to know more about romanticism? Check out the BBC documentary on romanticism and the BBC film on the lives of two famous romantic poets.

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