Changing places chapter 3

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tim & hal change places.
What is wrong in this sentence?

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  1. Lesson aims
  2. Changing Places
  3. Answer questions + writing
  4. Check your answers
  5. Do the quiz again if you scored less than 16 points
  6. Back in Teams at 11:40

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After this lesson you should be able to:

  • read a chapter of a book
  • answer questions about chapter 3
  • describe what happens in chapter 3

After this lesson you know:

  • more about the main characters of Changing places

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Who is who?

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Wants to change places for longer
Has a normal, but boring life
Does not like talk shows
Is going to marry a girl called Sophie

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Zookeeper or actor?
Explain why

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Which house do you
prefer? Explain why

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Reading time
We are going to read chapter 3
Do you know the words in bold?

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The last exercise is a writing exercise again. Write a short text with the 10 words.

Remember to use capital letters! Hal & Tim

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What's next?
  • Click on the Google forms link in the chat
  • Answer the questions
  • Write down difficult words in your notebook. 
  • The last question is a short writing task
  • Check your answers
  • If you scored <16, then do the quiz again

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Back in Teams at 11:40
Remember to use capitals letters in the writing exercise.

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How many times
did you have to do the quiz
to score 16/16?

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What did you learn?

Did you:

  • read a chapter of a book?
  • answer questions about chapter 3?
  • describe what happens in chapter 3?

Do you know:

  • more about the main characters of Changing places?

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What are you going to
do this weekend?

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