Country & culture week 1

What do you know about
The United Kingdom
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What do you know about
The United Kingdom

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The Union flag known as the 'Union Jack', is the national flag of the UK. It is a combination of the cross of St. George, the cross of St. Andrew and the cross of St. Patrick
Watch this video on accents in the UK (and Ireland) 
The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland is the official name of England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland, but this is too long for practical purposes, so it is usually known by a shorter name. At the Eurovision Song Contest, the United Nations and in the European Parliament, it is referred to as 'The United Kingdom'. In everyday speech, this is often shortened to 'The UK' and in internet and email addresses it's '.uk'. 

In other contexts, it is called 'Great Britain'. For example, during the Olympic Games and in international banks where the term GBP (Great Britain Pounds) is used. 

The normal everyday adjective, when talking about anything to do with the UK, is 'British'. 

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Britannia is the name that the Romans gave to the southern British province (the area of present-day England and Wales). It is also the name given to the female embodiment of Britain, always shown wearing a helmet and holding a trident which is a symbol of power over the sea (like the Greek god Poseidon). That's why a British patriotic song begins with "Rule Britannia, Britannia rule the waves" which is probably a reference to Britain conquering many foreign lands by crossing the sea. The figure of Britannia has been on many British coins for more than 300 years. 
John Bull is a fictional character who is supposed to personify Englishness and certain English virtues. He appeared in hundreds of nineteenth-century cartoons. Today, people often dress like him for football or rugby matches when England are playing. He looks like a typical eighteenth-century country gentleman.  

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1. Answer the questions in your own words: What is the difference between England and Britain?

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Why might the dominance of England be bad for Britain?

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Why is England the dominant nation in the British Isles?
Because it had the strongest economy in the past.
Because it is the biggest nation.
Because all four nations speak English.

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Why do people confuse England and Britain?
Because England is the most important country.
Because the confusion forms part of the language.
Because the culture of Britain is mainly Celtic culture.

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Is there always a dominant nation in a country?
Which is more important for you: your culture or your country? Why? Do you think some people in your country feel excluded? Which people?

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Great Britain Pounds
Female embodiment of Britain
be treated the same as others
loyal to your country
Spear with 3 teeth
new community in undiscovered area
give up something 
to count wrongly
not existing in real life
commitment to a cause or group
take control by force
being free
a promise

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