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SWOT analysis recommendation
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SWOT analysis recommendation

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Lesson plan
At the end of this lesson you can write the outline for the improvement of the SWOT analysis.
  • Recommendation on   the SWOT analysis
  • Writing outline
  • Work on task
  • Peer feedback

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Success criteria
• You can list the steps of how to write an improvement on a SWOT analysis.
• You can explain what element of an outline is included and point out where.
• You can explain what element of an outline is missing.

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Is there information in the plan, but not in the SWOT? 

What are the strenghts and weaknesses?

What opportunities and threats are there?

How does it link to the micro, meso, macro analysis?

Questions to consider

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  • What is good about their SWOT analysis? Why are those things good? 

  • What could be better about their SWOT analysis? Why should that be improved? 

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  • What would you use or do as well?

  • What would you do differently and how?

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I can list the steps of how to write an improvement on a SWOT analysis

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  • Read the marketing plan
  • Find and assess the micro-, meso- and macro-analysis
  • Find and assess the SWOT-analysis
  • Compare the information
  • Make your conclusion
  • Make your recommendation

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Writing an outline

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  • Blueprint for writing
  • Contains topics you will cover
  • Per paragraph
  • Make sure you don't forget information
  • Create structure

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Create an outline for your SWOT-analysis recommendation.
The recommendation should be around 200 words long

Make sure it includes a conclusion that will explain the good parts and the parts that should be improved, and support your claims.

Make sure it includes a recommendation which states what could be done better and how, and what is done well.

You will give peer feedback on each other's outline before the end of this lesson.

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Fill in the peer feedback form

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Work on writing the recommendation

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Hand in the recommendation, see deadline in Teams

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Exit ticket

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Write down all the steps of how to write an improvement on a SWOT analysis

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I can write my recommendation

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If not, this is what I need to be able to do it..

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