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What are we doing today ?
 reading time
write down & check homework
Grammar time
The end

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Silent reading 
10 minutes

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Take out your diaries

  • Oefen SO:  Vrijdag 9 dec

  • SO:  Vrijdag 16 dec 

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Let's check Vocab U2L3

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What is a noun ?

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Telbare zelfstandige naamwoorden
Ontelbare zelfstandige naamwoorden
Kun je makkelijk tellen 

Kun je niet "tellen"

Categorie, idee. verzamelnaam

"To count"

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Bevestigende zinnen
Countable nouns
uncountable nouns
gebruik: a lot of
gebruik: a lot of
I have got a lot of biscuits
I have got a lot of t-shirts 
I have got a lot of students
I have got a lot of time
There is a lot of rice 
I like a lot of Music 

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Ontkennende zinnen
Countable nouns
Uncountable nouns
gebruik: Many
gebruik: Much
I haven't got many biscuits
I haven't got many t-shirts 
I haven't got many students
I haven't got much time
There isn't much rice 
There isn't much Music I like

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Vragende zinnen
Countable nouns
Uncountable nouns
gebruik: Many
gebruik: Much
Do you have many biscuits?
Have I got many t-shirts?
Do we have many students?
How much time do you have?
How much rice is there left?
How much music do you listen to?

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A lot of, Many & Much



  • A lot of 

  • A lot of 
  • Many

  • Much 
  • Many

  • Much 

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Practise with A lot, many & much
Do exercise: 7
On page 153 

Done ? 
Write down nouns you can think of and divide them into countable and uncountable nouns

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