week 7 essay writing Substance abuse

Period 3: Writing a problem-solving essay
Week 7
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Period 3: Writing a problem-solving essay
Week 7

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You know the structure of the conclusion of a problem-solving essay
As a preparation on your essay and/or final exams you have gathered more insight in substance abuse and ways to fight it

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A coffee addiction is no addiction.
False, because it means that the coffee drinker cannot stop drinking when he or she wants.
False, since the drinker may experience withdrawal symptoms when trying to quit.

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An addiction can be positive for the addicted
True, because it is not seriously harmful.
True, because it is a legal product.
Yes, because it helps to bond, since many youngsters are users.
No, because it is too harmful.

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These are substances that young teenagers
and people in their twenties use

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I know people who are addicted to a substance.

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I think it is okay to use addictive substances such as 3 MM-C
yes, for as long at it legal

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What is your view on substance abuse? Try and explain this while taking the following questions into account: -according to you what characteristics must be included for an action/behavior to be considered an addiction?
-If a person does something daily (or multiple times a day), is that enough to make it an addiction?
-Does the behavior have to be illegal for it to be considered an addiction?
-Is it harmful?

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What Is a Designer Drug?

Designer drugs is a term used for those illegal drugs that are created synthetically in a lab. They are made to mimic the effects of existing drugs. Since many are essentially homemade substances, they often contain common household ingredients, including harsh cleaning chemicals and sometimes poisons. Designer drugs have provided many users with a way to circumvent the law since people can simply use their own devices and ingredients to create substances similar to illegal drugs.

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PhD candidate Anne Zwartsen conducted research at Utrecht University on the effects of designer drugs. In complete sentences, using vocab, but not entire sentences from the article respond to this questions: 1.What findings has Anne Zwartsen done so far? 2. Which finding is most relevant according to you and why so?

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After reading answer the following questions, try and use vocab from the text, but do not copy entire sentences. Nevertheless, respond in complete sentences. Use formal language.
1. What makes it hard to fight synthetic drugs abuse?
2. According to the article who tend to use design drugs?
3. What are possible consequences of use?

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The following tables 1 and 2 from Designer drugs 2015: assessment and management, show you the different types designer drugs, their -street- names and possible side effects.

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Table 1 and 2 are both taken from Designer drugs 2015: assessment and management

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Essay writing: conclusion 

  • Refer to thesis
  • Summarize your solutions (in other words),
  • Point to the future realistically and positively (say what will happen if the situation continues or changes)

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sample conclusion
All in all, there are two important strategies that can be implemented to reduce the use of private cars to prevent congestion in cities. The first is to make driving a private car more expensive in comparison to public transportation by subsidies or taxes. It is also vital that the public’s attention is drawn to the advantages of means of transportation other than private cars. In this way, instead of wasting time in traffic jams, people will be able to enjoy every minute of life in the city.  

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Write a problem-solving essay on ONE of these topics:
1. Some advertisements and propaganda use people’s fear to make them act a certain way or purchase a product. How can consumers be better critical thinkers and become less vulnerable to this type of messaging? 2. Transportation is a major source of greenhouse gasses. What are some ways to reduce the impact? 3. College is becoming more expensive all the time. What is the best solution for keeping the costs down? 4. The Earth’s population has been growing quickly over the past few centuries, and this contributes to a variety of environmental problems. What is a good way to solve this problem?

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