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At the end of the lesson...
You are able to explain what the review (on the test) should look like in terms of structure, content and language.

You are able to write a basic review of a film, series, book or game.

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Jumbled review
Put the paragraphs of the review in the correct order.

See e-mail!

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Jumbled review
Correct order:

4 - 1 - 3 - 2

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Writing a review step-by-step 
Each one of you is going to write a review of 4 paragraphs.
What does that look like?
1. Explanation p.1
2. Writing p.1
3. Explanation p.2
4. Writing p.2

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An international entertainment website is looking for reviews of films, books or games for a new section called ‘a reader’s review’. You decided to write about a film/book/game that you came in contact with recently. Write a review about a film/book/game of your choice. Make sure to keep the structure of a review in mind. Start with an intro, describe the story briefly, give your opinions (positive + negative) and give a recommendation.

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1. Title + introduction (± 40 words)
  1. Your overall opinion + title of the book/series/game 
    I really enjoyed the series Vikings starring Travis Fimmel, because he plays Ragnar so well.
  2. Some personal comments
    I was so interested in the characters that I couldn't stop watching!

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2. Plot summary (± 50 words)
  1. A short summary (samenvatting) of the story without spoiling the important bits / ending.
    The plot is very gripping right from the start. Ragnar Lothbrok, a simple farmer, has the ambition to sail to the west to raid new lands. From that point onwards, Ragnar rapidly becomes a legend known across the world and we get to see his life unfold throughout the series.

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3. Opinion (± 50 words)
  1. Give your opinions (positive + negative).
    Next to the interesting story, the characters are the absolute stars of the show. The actors are all different in terms of their looks and how they play their roles, which makes the show very believable. One negative point though, is that the series drags on a bit after 5 seasons.

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4. Recommendation (± 30 words)
  1. Recommendation (no new info)
    I would definitely recommend Vikings to people who enjoy history-based shows and appreciate a good cast. However, if you dislike long-running series, I'd give it a pass. Personally, I cannot wait for season 6!

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Writing feedback
Write down feedback for your neighbour:
  1. Does the review have the correct structure (4 paragraphs)?
  2. Does the review summarise the story?
  3. Does the review give a clear opinion and is it made better with interesting adjectives (bijvoegelijke naamwoorden)?
  4. Does the review make a clear recommendation?

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Give your feedback

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Write down on your ticket what you have learned during this lesson.

Give it to me when you leave the classroom.

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