Excel - Part 2

 7 - Excel Recap
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ComputingLower Secondary (Key Stage 3)

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 7 - Excel Recap

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KO: To refresh your knowledge of Microsoft Excel spreadsheets
All: Understand grid references and how to use them in calculations.
Most: Be able to create calculations with more complex operators (*, /, etc.).
Some: Be able to calculate SUM, MIN, MAX and AVERAGE.

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Spreadsheets, Excel

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The Wizard's Challenge!
Fill out the grid references
Type the cell reference in each cell and score a point towards the magic number. Can you work out the magic number?

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What was the magic number (high score)

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The Gold Mine

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Click here to Open your worksheet.

Click the viewing button and then open up in Desktop App. Save the file your Digitla Literacy folder, so you can edit it.

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On the sum page, calculate the sum of the three answers?

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On the Min Max page, calculate the average of the two answers?

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On the average page, what is the answer to 1 multiplied by the answer to 2?

Slide 10 - Open question