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Welcome M2C 
Friday October 1st
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Welcome M2C 
Friday October 1st

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Today's Program

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Leerdoelenkaart Week 38

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Past Simple
Als iets in het verleden is gebeurd en afgerond. Ook als iets in het verleden heel kort heeft geduurd.
They started at 12.30
Werkwoord in de verleden tijd.
WW + -ed (work-worked), WW +e (hope-hoped) of WW +ied (try-tried)

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Last week we ________(visit) Paris.

Slide 5 - Open question

We _________(fry) some fries last night.

Slide 6 - Open question

Ex. 34 together 

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Welcome M2C 
Tuesday September 28th

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Past Simple questions and negations
Pers. voornaamwoord + did + not + hele werkwoord.
I worked yesterday.
I didn’t work yesterday. 
Did +pers. voornaamwoord + hele werkwoord
Did you work yesterday?

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Maak deze zinnen vragend en ontkennend

I worked in the supermarket. 

She enjoyed spending time together. 

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Ex. 35 together 

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P.S. Hulpwerkwoord + Hoofdwerkwoord

Ontkenning: don't/ doesn't
I don't want to go to bed. 
She doesn't want to come to the party. 
Vraag: do/does 
Do I need to pack a swimsuit?
Does she know the way to school?

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Working on Leerdoelenkaart 

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Present Simple Vragen en ontkenningen
I work in a shop (+).
I don’t work in a shop. (-)
Do I work in a shop? (let op zinsvolgorde!)

She works in a shop (+).
She doesn’t work in a shop (-)
Does she work in a shop? (?) (let op zinsvolgorde!)

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Welcome M2C 
Friday September 24th

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SO SB 1 +2 en Present Simple

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Rest van de les...
Werkles. Maak je leerdoelenkaart compleet en kijk of je de leerdoelen hebt behaalt. 

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Now you try! 
I love to sing. 
Maak ontkennend en vragend.

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I can use the words of SB 2
Yes I can!
A little bit
No I can't

Slide 19 - Poll

I know how and when to use the Present Simple
Yes I can!
I need more explanation.
I don't know how to use the present simple

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I have increased my listening skills
Yes I have!
No I haven't

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Lesson 2 Travel Information
SB 2 

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Ga naar de site en leer 10 minuten in stilte aan je woordjes

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Listening Exercises 

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No homework for Tuesday! 

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  • Instaptoets
  • Uitleg Present Simple 
  • Leerdoelenkaart 
  •  Werken!

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Slide 27 - Link

Present Simple 
Wanneer gebruik je het?
  • Feiten
  • Routine
  • Altijd, vaak, nooit

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Present Simple
Hoe maak je het?
I/You/We/They: hele werkwoord
I work in a shop.
I fly to  france
I fix my hair in the morning

He works in a shop. She fixes her hair..... 
He flies to france 
He fixes....

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I _____(like) being at school.

Slide 30 - Open question

She __________(walk) to school every morning)

Slide 31 - Open question

We ____________(go) to bed at 10 every night.

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The Sun ___________(come) up every morning.

Slide 33 - Open question

I know the words of SB 1
Yes I do!
Almost all
No I dont.

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I can understand information from short texts
Yes I can
A little bit
No I can't

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