CLIL Workshop 13/5/21

CLIL Workshop

Lauren Hunt & Marsha Rowland
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CLIL Workshop

Lauren Hunt & Marsha Rowland

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Lauren Hunt
  • Geography, History, Enterprise, Global Perspectives teacher
  • Havo 2 mentor
  • RSG Enkhuizen 
  • Sheffield - UK 
  • Self proclaimed crazy cat lady

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Marsha Rowland
Halifax – West-Yorkshire

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Marsha Rowland
I’m not a crazy cat lady but I have a crazy cat!

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And you are?
Share an image or a word that makes you happy!

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Aims for the session:

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By the end of this workshop you will:

  • Know the 4 elements off by heart that are needed to create a CLIL proof writing assignment

  • Have the knowledge to be able to adjust 2 CLIL writing activities to the content of your subject.

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What is CLIL?
Collaborative Learning in Languages
Content & Language Integrated Learning
Continuous learning in Languages
Content & Learning in Life

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Why do we need output in CLIL lessons?
  • Try out newly-learned language forms or vocabulary
  • Think through ideas
  • Express ideas
  • Share knowledge
  • Give feedback
  • Review ideas
  • Adapt and refine ideas
--> Content needs language and language needs content.

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What do you think makes a good CLIL writing activity?

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And just listen

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When I was looking back I was looking at my?

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When the curtains opened I was looking forward and who was it that was buzzing?

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When I walked forward I gave the audience a big wave with my arms up in the are in the shape of a Y. This is when I remembered the….?

Slide 15 - Open question

With my clothing I wanted to express my informal…?

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My sneakers made me feel confident and I felt I had a strong foundation to build my speech and define the….?

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After the big round of applause I was happy that I had spent hours on typing my speech out. After all it is really important to have a clear….?

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Writing in CLIL
The PASST Model

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  • to persuade
  • to inform
  • to recount
  • to explain
  • to convince
  • to predict

  • to advise 
  • to compare and contrast 
  • to instruct 
  • to describe 

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  • 11-13 year olds
  • an old relative
  • a university professor
  • the readers of a historical magazine
  • readers of a horoscope page
  • patients in a dentist’s waiting room

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How do you want the work to be structured:
  • an introduction followed by two arguments for, two arguments against and then a conclusion.
  • Three paragraphs consisting of four sentences each...

You can design a scaffold or graphic organizer to support them.

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What style do you want to write in:

  • how informal or formal their writing should be.
  • Organise ideas
  • Develop vocabulary (e.g. a word bank). 

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Text type

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Study the following document (see chat):
Copy and complete the table:


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What was the purpose of the text?
Who was the audience?
What was the structure and style of the text?
What was the text type?

Slide 26 - Open question

Here is a writing task that you could give to your students
Create a leaflet showing the fire escape procedure in a hotel

Complete the 4 elements (PASST)


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Let's discuss...

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Over to you...
Reflect on a writing activity that you have used/or created in the past
Assess if the assignment is CLIL proof – can you use the 4 elements?
What would you improve with the knowledge that you have gained?

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Thank you for your time!
Any questions?

Before you go, please complete the following feedback form:

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