They're made out of meat - short story exercise

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Please take a seat

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What we're gonna do
- Some more information about the task
- Think about reading
- Read a story together
- Think about the story
- Discuss some reading techniques
- Creative assignment

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The task rubric 
1. Does the coat of arms have an animal, a location and 2 different symbols?

2. Is there a description with each part of the coat of arms?
3. Does the coat of arms have an English motto and does it have at least two 2different colours?
4. Is the past simple used at least 5 times and is it used properly?
5. Is the present perfect used at least 3 times and is it used properly?
6. Are the gerund and the infinitive verb used at least 2 times each and are they used properly?
7. Did you use at least 3 adjectives and 3 adverbs and are they used properly
8. Are at least 2 defining and 2 non-defining relative clasuses used and are they used properly?
9. Is the overall use of English correct?
10. Is the coat of arms original and creative?

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The story: 
'they're made out of meat'

This is kind of a weird story, so pay close attention.
While we're reading, keep the following questions in mind:
- Who is talking?
- What do they look like?
- Who are they talking about?
- Describe the situation in 1 sentence
also take note of any difficult words you don't understand. 

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Difficult words?

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Who are the people talking in the story?

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What do they look like?

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Who are they talking about?
other aliens
we don't know

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Describe what's going on in one sentence

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How do we know all of this? 
think for a second, go back to the story to take a second look. 

if you think you know feel free to try and guess what I mean. 

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something that explains the meaning of something else. The surrounding text/events.
context can help you understand words or situations in stories. 
If you're ever confused about anything in a book, try to go back and read the context of what's going on, this often explains it and makes reading a lot easier. 

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What is a clue that the aliens are talking about humans?

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Creative assignment
I left out the last bit of the original story. It doesn't have an ending. 
I want you to come up with what you think happened. 
pay attention to the context of the story, the ending can't just come out of the blue. Look at what they say and think and try to figure out what would, logically, happen next.
100 words at least! 

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reading test, not for a mark
work on your task!!

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