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Engels op de Nederlandse BasisschoolHBOStudiejaar 1

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What food describes you best?

Slide 3 - Open question Year 1
- approx. 2 classes per semester
- no classes on grammar/vocabulary
- practice speaking English as much as possible

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Learning objectives: you...
• ...should be able to recognize and articulate the importance of English language teaching in primary education.
• ...should be able to adapt your teaching methods to your learners' needs.
• ...should be able to independently teach communicative language teaching activities, giving effective and clear instruction to your class.
• ...should be able to prove that your command of the English language (listening, speaking, reading and writing) is of satisfactory level (at least CEFR level B1) to teach elementary activities/lessons.

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Assignments Year 1
1. Diagnostic intake test Hogeschooltaal English
2. Views on teaching English at primary level 
3. Curriculum, learner’s needs, and children’s books 
4. Teaching activities (energizers)
5. Elevator Pitch (recording)

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You will take the intake test with Hogeschooltaaltoets Engels to determine your level (B2). The test will cover your knowledge of grammar and vocabulary. A screen shot of the result of this test will go into your portfolio.
If you scored below 80%, reflect on what you still find difficult and explain how you will improve, including a time plan.
Also, fill out the SLO VVTO-Quickscan Leerkrachtcompetenties Engels and add to your portfolio, including your comments on competencies you expect to acquire or work on during your studies at APO.

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English in primary school 
Fill out the grid (available on Blackboard), in which you categorize and compare the role of English as a subject in your work placement school according to SLO. Study Kennisbases en profilering: Leraar Basisonderwijs, chapter Kennisbasis Engels and reflect on how English contributes to the overall core objectives in primary school.

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Books, curriculum & level
Choose 3 English (picture) books suitable for primary school children.
Book 1: suitable for years 1/2
Book 2: suitable for years 3/4/5
Book 3: suitable for years 6/7/8
Analyze existing lesson (plans) or units from the coursebooks used at your placement school and design an infographic on the English curriculum and its learning trajectories. In addition, you will use your books of choice to indicate their suitability for these learner groups, bearing in mind the use of vocabulary, sentence length, rhyme etc.

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English is a compulsory subject in primary school

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Teaching activities

Create and teach three (3) short activities / energizers using CLT and gather feedback from your coach and two fellow students. Use one book from assignment 3 that is suitable for your class for one of these activities. Other activities may include songs, video, information gaps, TPR etc. Reflect on the feedback – how would you change your activity next time?

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Elevator Pitch 
Make a recording in which you very shortly explain (max. 2 minutes):
• How you approached one of the three activities
• How this is in accordance with the SLO core objectives of EIBO, VEIBO, VVTO
• Share the experience of teaching the activity.
Add a hyperlink of this recording to your portfolio.

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