H5 - KEY_The Lottery & info on reading practice and writing

Today's objectives
The Lottery

Info on:
Writing (informal letter/essay)
Reading (exam practice)
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Today's objectives
The Lottery

Info on:
Writing (informal letter/essay)
Reading (exam practice)

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TASK - 40 min. total (incl presenting - 20 -25 min.)
Form groups of 3 students

Pick one of the following: a) q. 1-3; b) q. 4-6; c)q. 7-10
(Some groups will do the same questions)

Compare your answers and form answers as a group

Present your answers to class

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Questions to the Lottery

1) Give at least four elements of the setting. 

2) Who are the main characters? 

3) How does the writer create suspense in the story? Give at least four examples. 

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Questions to the Lottery
4) Where is the first example of foreshadowing? Where is it repeated? 

5) What do you think might have happened to Mr Watson (section 13)? 

6) What is the external conflict in the story? 

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Questions to the Lottery
7) What is the theme of the short story? 

8) Why does Mrs Hutchinson get so angry in section 20? 

9) Where exactly is the climax? 

10) Why do they have a lottery in the first place? Give a quotation from the text to corroborate your answer. 

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The Lottery - key
 Q. 1 Village square; 27th of June, morning; small rural village somewhere in America; about 100 years ago, the time of the first settlements (tractors from 1850 onwards)  

Q. 2. Tessie Hutchinson; Mr Summers

Q. 3 By indicating that the mood of the story is different than expected (with a lottery you expect people to be happy and excited, but the villagers are quiet and nervous);

section 3: their jokes were quiet and they smiled rather than laughed;

section 5: hesitation

section 13: he blinked his eyes nervously

section 14: a sudden hush

section 15: wetting their lips; humourlessly and nervously

section 19: breathless pause
Q. 4. sections 2 and 3, when the kids were building piles of stones (this is a hint to what is to come - foreshadowing)) and is repeated in the  last section, 26.

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The Lottery - key
 Q. 5. Might have been stoned in one of the previous lotteries 

Q. 6. Man vs tradition

Q. 7, Survival & tradition

Q.8. Then she realises that one of her family is about to be stoned

Q. 9. Section 26: a stone hit her on the side of the head

Q. 10. Because they believe that it will help the growing of crops and guarantee a good harvest; Lottery in June, corn be heavy soon, section 17 

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Period III
Aside from listening:

Writing test (informal letter  (booklet) or essay -> you choose)

Reading practice for exam 
Choose any year; havo talen Engels

  • Stay up to date with current news 
  • (newspapers; news on tv -> bbc news; cnbc; the guardian; the daily mail etc.)
  • Know your vocabulary and Linking words (yet, even so, because etc.)

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Homework today's class (wk. 6)

Read the info on informal letters in your booklet

Write informal letter no. 1 (TYPE and SUBMIT ONLINE)

Read txts 1/2/3 of practice exam 2018

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Homework next class (wk. 7)

Read the info on informal letters in your booklet
Write informal letters no. 2 and 3 (TYPE and SUBMIT ONLINE)
Write and essay of 300-350 words on: "People who don't adhere to the Corona rules should not receive the vaccine"

Read txts  txt 7/8/9/10 of practice exam 2018 &answer the questions

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