2MC1 - week 46

Mevrouw van Eunen
English class 
week 46

Mrs. van Eunen
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Mevrouw van Eunen
English class 
week 46

Mrs. van Eunen

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  • How are we?
  • Introduction of this course
  • Rules in class (and online)
  • What you need
  • TOA
  • Install MyEnglishLab 

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How are we?
Warming up exercise, 5 minute-discussion (in pairs)
Ask and tell IN ENGLISH:

- where did you do your internship
- what did you do
- what did you/didn't you like about your intership
- etc.

You didn't do your internship? Tell what you did instead (period 1)

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Introduction English course
  • Aim: at the end of year three you will be able to communicate in English as a Marketing Communications officer
  • 3 periods, 1 Central Exam English reading/listening B1 (March/April)
  • P4 or next year (P1): Exam English professional skills

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Year 2
Weekly: 1 double class at school
Do assignments from book, do assignments online, TOA and other exercises

1 Central exam (March/April)

Grades and credits (cijfers en studiepunten)
Grades - exam
credits - 1 book test, MyEnglishLab assignments, TOA test

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Where to find your planner, lessons, documents, assignments?
in Teams

Teams environment English

Kanaal 'Algemeen': announcements, information, 'opdrachten'
Kanaal 'lessen' : LessonUp lessons
Bestanden: lesson materials, planner

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- homework
- test/exam date
- deadlines
- what to study

Let's have a look

Tip: keep planner in your book!

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To sum up: 
you need
  • Book
  • Laptop
  • word/notebook
  • pen
  • earpods/headphones
  • planner (Teams - bestanden)

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Rules in class
In class
Bring your books, laptop etc
Camera's on, microphone muted
Be quiet when teacher or classmate speaks
Be on time
No phones on the table (unless you're allowed to)
Look/dress presentable
Professional work attitude
same rules as in class

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Your reading skills
... need to be at B1 level. 

Let's find out!

30 minutes to finish a reading test.
Finished? Install my EnglishLab (instruction in Teams - bestanden)

How to do this? next slide

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Join a course
Go to my English lab
watch the video presented in the next slide

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Do the test
30 minutes to finish the test
Finished? Install MyEnglishLab on your laptop


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